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Campbellsville Small Urban Area - SUA - Transportation Study


The goal of an SUA is to identify improvements to the transportation system within and surrounding the Campbellsville urban area

completed in 2008
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Campbellsville SUA - Appendix C.pdfCampbellsville SUA - Appendix C
Campbellsville SUA - Appendix D.pdfCampbellsville SUA - Appendix D
Campbellsville SUA - Appendix E.pdfCampbellsville SUA - Appendix E
Campbellsville SUA - Final Report Cover.pdfCampbellsville SUA - Final Report Cover
Campbellsville SUA - Appendix A.pdfCampbellsville SUA - Appendix A
Campbellsville SUA - Final Report.pdfCampbellsville SUA - Final Report
Campbellsville SUA - Appendix B.pdfCampbellsville SUA - Appendix B
Campbellsville SUA - Executive Summary.pdfCampbellsville SUA - Executive Summary
Cambellsville SUA Report W Appendices.pdfCambellsville SUA Report W Appendices
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