Policy Manual Order Information

Prices and Availability

Most Kentucky Transportation Cabinet policy manuals are available as bound copies, at $25.00 each, except Standard Drawings for $75.00.  Since we do not offer direct billing service, we must receive payment before we ship the order.

Order Methods

Electronic Orders
To order by email:

  1. Complete the Policy Manual Order
  2. Save the completed form to your desktop
  3. Attach the form in an email to KYTC.GuidanceManuals@ky.gov

Acceptable payment method:  credit card

Phone Orders
To order by phone, call (502) 564-4610 and ask for Lis, Brad, or Carole.

Acceptable payment methods:  credit card, check (payable to "Kentucky State Treasurer")

U.S. Mail Orders
To order by mail, send the Policy Manual Order to:

ATTN:  Brad Webb
Transportation Cabinet Office Building
200 Mero Street, 6th Floor West
Frankfort, KY  40622

Acceptable payment methods:  credit card, check (payable to "Kentucky State Treasurer")

Walk-In Orders
Customers visiting the Transportation Cabinet Office Building may purchase manuals by asking the front desk to contact Lis, Brad, or Carole in the Organizational Management Branch at (502) 564-4610.

Acceptable payment methods:  credit card, cash, check (payable to "Kentucky State Treasurer")


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Office of Human Resource Management
Organizational Management Branch
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
200 Mero Street
Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone: (502) 564-4610
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