2008 Standard Drawings
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bbp001.dgnBBP-001-11Elastomeric Bearing Pans for Prestressed Beamsbbp001BBP-001-11Standard Drawing
bbp003.dgnBBP-003-01Elastomeric Bearing Pads for Box Beamsbbp003BBP-003-01Standard Drawing
bdp002.dgnBDP-002-03Box Beams Bearing Detailsbdp002BDP-002-03Standard Drawing
bdp004.dgnBDP-004-03Box Beam Tension Rod Detailsbdp004BDP-004-03Standard Drawing
bdp006.dgnBDP-006-03Box Beam B12 & CB12 Detailsbdp006BDP-006-03Standard Drawing
bdp008.dgnBDP-008-03Box Beam B21 & CB21 Detailsbdp008BDP-008-03Standard Drawing
bdp010.dgnBDP-010-03Box Beam B33 & CB33 Detailsbdp010BDP-010-03Standard Drawing
bdp012.dgnBDP-012-03Box Beam CB42 Detailsbdp012BDP-012-03Standard Drawing
bgx004.dgnBGX-004-09Concrete Slopewalls for Grade Separation Bridgesbgx004BGX-004-09Standard Drawing
bgx006.dgnBGX-006-08Stencils for Structuresbgx006BGX-006-08Standard Drawing
bgx012.dgnBGX-012-01Geotechnical Legendbgx012BGX-012-01Standard Drawing
bgx016.dgnBGX-016-01Low Flow Diversion Curbbgx016BGX-016-01Standard Drawing
bhs007.dgnBHS-007-05Railing System, Type II, Guardrail Treatmentbhs007BHS-007-05Standard Drawing
bje001.dgnBJE-001-11Neoprene Expansion Dams and Armored Edgesbje001BJE-001-11Standard Drawing
bpc011.dgnBPC-011-0714" Precast Prestressed Concrete Pilebpc011BPC-011-07Standard Drawing
bps009.dgnBPS-009-07HP14 X 73 Steel Pilebps009BPS-009-07Standard Drawing
collapse Plan Section : Headwalls ‎(114)
rdh500.dgnRDH-500-0318" - 24" Double and Triple Pipe Culvert Headwalls AT 0° Skewrdh500RDH-500-03Standard Drawing
rdh520.dgnRDH-520-05Triple Pipe Culvert Headwalls, 0° Skewrdh520RDH-520-05Standard Drawing
rdh524.dgnRDH-524-03Bill of Reinforcement 30" - 48" Double and Triple Headwalls, Circular Pipe, 0° Skewrdh524RDH-524-03Standard Drawing
rdh532.dgnRDH-532-04Dimensions and Quantities 30" - 48" Double Headwalls, Circular Pipe, 15° - 30° - 45° Skewrdh532RDH-532-04Standard Drawing
rdh536.dgnRDH-536-03Bill of Reinforcement 30" - 48" Double Headwalls, Circular Pipe, 45° Skewrdh536RDH-536-03Standard Drawing
rdh405.dgnRDH-405-02Steel Pipe Arch Headwalls - 0° Skew (Pipe Rise 6'- 0" or Greater) (Layout and Steel Pattern)rdh405RDH-405-02Standard Drawing
rdh415.dgnRDH-415-02Steel Pipe Arch Headwalls - 15° - 30° - 45° Skew (Pipe Rise 6'- 0" or Greater) (Layout and Steel Pattern)rdh415RDH-415-02Standard Drawing
rdh425.dgnRDH-425-02Dimensions Steel Pipe Arches - 30° Skew and 45° Skewrdh425RDH-425-02Standard Drawing
rdh435.dgnRDH-435-04Bill of Reinforcement 7'- 0" X 5'-1" - 15'- 4" X 9'-3" Steel Pipe Arches - 0° Skewrdh435RDH-435-04Standard Drawing
rdh445.dgnRDH-445-03Bill of Reinforcement 15'- 4" X 9'- 3" Steel Pipe Arches - 15° Skewrdh445RDH-445-03Standard Drawing
rdh455.dgnRDH-455-03Bill of Reinforcement 15'- 4" X 9'-3" Steel Pipe Arches - 30° Skewrdh455RDH-455-03Standard Drawing
rdh465.dgnRDH-465-03Bill of Reinforcement 12'- 10" X 8'- 4" - 15'- 4" X 9'- 3" Steel Pipe Arches - 45° Skewrdh465RDH-465-03Standard Drawing
rdh1205.dgnRDH-120-02Quantities 3' X 2' - 12' X 12' Headwalls, Precast Box Culverts - 15° Skewrdh1205RDH-120-02Standard Drawing
rdh1215.dgnRDH-121-02Quantities 3' X 2' - 12' X 12' Headwalls, Precast Box Culverts - 45° Skewrdh1215RDH-121-02Standard Drawing
rdh1302.dgnRDH-130-03Bill of Reinforcement 7' X 5' - 9' X 7' Headwalls, Precast Box Culverts - 0° Skewrdh1302RDH-130-03Standard Drawing
rdh1306.dgnRDH-130-03Bill of Reinforcement 11' X 6' - 12' X 10' Headwalls, Precast Box Culverts - 0° Skewrdh1306RDH-130-03Standard Drawing
rdh1310.dgnRDH-131-03Bill of Reinforcement 3' X 2' - 5' X 5' Headwalls, Precast Box Culverts - 15° Skewrdh1310RDH-131-03Standard Drawing
rdh1314.dgnRDH-131-03Bill of Reinforcement 7' X 6' - 8' X 6' Headwalls, Precast Box Culverts - 15° Skewrdh1314RDH-131-03Standard Drawing
rdh1318.dgnRDH-131-03Bill of Reinforcement 9' X 8' - 10' X 7' Headwalls, Precast Box Culverts - 15° Skewrdh1318RDH-131-03Standard Drawing
rdh1322.dgnRDH-132-03Bill of Reinforcement 11' X 6' - 11' X 11' Headwalls, Precast Box Culverts - 15° Skewrdh1322RDH-132-03Standard Drawing
rdh1326.dgnRDH-132-03Bill of Reinforcement 12' X 12' Headwalls, Precast Box Culverts - 15° Skewrdh1326RDH-132-03Standard Drawing
rdh1330.dgnRDH-133-03Bill of Reinforcement 5' X 5' - 7' X 4' Headwalls, Precast Box Culverts - 30° Skewrdh1330RDH-133-03Standard Drawing
rdh1334.dgnRDH-133-03Bill of Reinforcement 8' X 6' - 9' X 5' Headwalls, Precast Box Culverts - 30° Skewrdh1334RDH-133-03Standard Drawing
rdh1338.dgnRDH-133-03Bill of Reinforcement 10' X 5' - 10' X 8' Headwalls, Precast Box Culverts - 30° Skewrdh1338RDH-133-03Standard Drawing
rdh1342.dgnRDH-134-03Bill of Reinforcement 11' X 8' - 11' X 11' Headwalls, Precast Box Culverts - 30° Skewrdh1342RDH-134-03Standard Drawing
rdh1346.dgnRDH-134-03Bill of Reinforcement 12' X 10' - 12' X 12' Headwalls, Precast Box Culverts - 30° Skewrdh1346RDH-134-03Standard Drawing
rdh1350.dgnRDH-135-03Bill of Reinforcement 5' X 4' - 6' X 5' Headwalls, Precast Box Culverts - 45° Skewrdh1350RDH-135-03Standard Drawing
rdh1354.dgnRDH-135-03Bill of Reinforcement 7' X 7' - 8' X 6' Headwalls, Precast Box Culverts - 45° Skewrdh1354RDH-135-03Standard Drawing
rdh1358.dgnRDH-135-03Bill of Reinforcement 9' X 7' - 9' X 9' Headwalls, Precast Box Culverts - 45° Skewrdh1358RDH-135-03Standard Drawing
rdh1362.dgnRDH-136-03Bill of Reinforcement 10' X 8' - 10' X 10' Headwalls, Precast Box Culverts - 45° Skewrdh1362RDH-136-03Standard Drawing
rdh1366.dgnRDH-136-03Bill of Reinforcement 11' X 10' - 12' X 4' Headwalls, Precast Box Culverts - 45° Skewrdh1366RDH-136-03Standard Drawing
rdh1370.dgnRDH-137-03Bill of Reinforcement 12' X 12' Headwalls, Precast Box Culverts - 45° Skewrdh1370RDH-137-03Standard Drawing
rdh1005.dgnRDH-100-02Precast Box Culvert Headwalls - 0° Skew (Box Rise 6'-0" or Greater) (Layout and Steel Pattern)rdh1005RDH-100-02Standard Drawing
rdh1015.dgnRDH-101-02Precast Box Culvert Headwalls - 15° - 30° and 45° Skew (Box Rise 6'-0" or Greater) (Layout and Steel Pattern)rdh1015RDH-101-02Standard Drawing
rdh1105.dgnRDH-110-02Dimensions 7' X 4' - 9' X 9' Headwalls Precast Box Culvert - 0° Skewrdh1105RDH-110-02Standard Drawing
rdh1115.dgnRDH-111-02Dimensions 12' X 4' - 12' X 12' Headwalls Precast Box Culvert - 0° Skewrdh1115RDH-111-02Standard Drawing
rdh1125.dgnRDH-112-02Dimensions 7' X 4' - 9' X 9' Headwalls Precast Box Culvert - 15° Skewrdh1125RDH-112-02Standard Drawing
rdh1135.dgnRDH-113-02Dimensions 12' X 4' - 12' X 12' Headwalls Precast Box Culvert - 15° Skewrdh1135RDH-113-02Standard Drawing
rdh1145.dgnRDH-114-02Dimensions 7' X 4' - 9' X 9' Headwalls Precast Box Culvert - 30° Skewrdh1145RDH-114-02Standard Drawing
rdh1155.dgnRDH-115-02Dimensions 12' X 4' - 12' X 12' Headwalls Precast Box Culvert - 30° Skewrdh1155RDH-115-02Standard Drawing
rdh1165.dgnRDH-116-02Dimensions 7' X 4' - 9' X 9' Headwalls Precast Box Culvert - 45° Skewrdh1165RDH-116-02Standard Drawing
rdh1175.dgnRDH-117-02Dimensions 12' X 4' - 12' X 12' Headwalls Precast Box Culvert - 45° Skewrdh1175RDH-117-02Standard Drawing
rdh120.dgnRDH-120-02Pipe Culvert Headwalls, 15°, 30°, and 45° Skew (Layout and Steel Pattern)rdh120RDH-120-02Standard Drawing
rdh212.dgnRDH-212-02Dimensions and Quantities, 30" TO 108" Headwalls, Circular Pipe, 15° Skewrdh212RDH-212-02Standard Drawing
rdh216.dgnRDH-216-02Dimensions and Quantities, 30" TO 108" Headwalls, Circular Pipe, 45° Skewrdh216RDH-216-02Standard Drawing
rdh222.dgnRDH-222-02Dimensions and Quantities, 30" TO 72" Headwalls, Non-Circular Pipe, 15° Skewrdh222RDH-222-02Standard Drawing
rdh226.dgnRDH-226-02Dimensions and Quantities, 30" TO 72" Headwalls, Non-Circular Pipe, 45° Skewrdh226RDH-226-02Standard Drawing
rdh312.dgnRDH-312-04Bill of Reinforcement 96" TO 108" Diameter, Circular Pipe, Headwalls, 0° Skewrdh312RDH-312-04Standard Drawing
rdh322.dgnRDH-322-04Bill of Reinforcement 78" TO 108" Diameter, Circular Pipe, Headwalls, 15° Skewrdh322RDH-322-04Standard Drawing
rdh332.dgnRDH-332-03Bill of Reinforcement 72" TO 96" Diameter, Circular Pipe, Headwalls, 30° Skewrdh332RDH-332-03Standard Drawing
rdh340.dgnRDH-340-05Bill of Reinforcement 30" TO 66" Diameter, Circular Pipe, Headwalls, 45° Skewrdh340RDH-340-05Standard Drawing
rdh344.dgnRDH-344-04Bill of Reinforcement 102" TO 108" Diameter, Circular Pipe, Headwalls, 45° Skewrdh344RDH-344-04Standard Drawing
rdh360.dgnRDH-360-04Bill of Reinforcement 30" TO 72" Diameter, Non-Circular Pipe, 15° Skewrdh360RDH-360-04Standard Drawing
rdh372.dgnRDH-372-04Bill of Reinforcement 66" TO 72" Diameter, Non-Circular Pipe, 30° Skewrdh372RDH-372-04Standard Drawing
rdh382.dgnRDH-382-04Bill of Reinforcement 66" TO 72" Diameter, Non-Circular Pipe, 45° Skewrdh382RDH-382-04Standard Drawing
rdh010.dgnRDH-010-02Concrete Headwalls for 15" - 27" Non-circular Pipe Culvertsrdh010RDH-010-02Standard Drawing
rdh030.dgnRDH-030-03Sloped and Parallel Headwalls, 12"" to 21"" Piperdh030RDH-030-03Standard Drawing
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rbm001.dgnRBM-001-09Concrete Median Barrier Fixed-Form or Slip-Form (Permanent)rbm001RBM-001-09Standard Drawing
rbm006.dgnRBM-006-09Concrete Median Barrier Precast (Permanent)rbm006RBM-006-09Standard Drawing
rbm020.dgnRBM-020-08Delineators for Concrete Barriersrbm020RBM-020-08Standard Drawing
rbm030.dgnRBM-030-03Syro Steel Modular Glare Screen (for Concrete Median Barriers)rbm030RBM-030-03Standard Drawing
rbm053.dgnRBM-053-00Concrete Median Barrier Precast (Permanent) (50" Tall Wall)rbm053RBM-053-00Standard Drawing
Sepia 004.dgnRBM-115-08Concrete Barrier Wall Type 9TSepia 004004To allow alternate positive connection See note no. 8Sepia
rbe040.dgnRBE-040-09Crash Cushion Type VII Class B and C (One & Two Direction)rbe040RBE-040-09Standard Drawing
rbe065.dgnRBE-065-06Concrete Median Barrier Endrbe065RBE-065-06Standard Drawing
rbe100.dgnRBE-100-09Crash Cushion Type VI-BT & CTrbe100RBE-100-09Standard Drawing
rbe205.dgnRBE-205-04Crash Cushion Type IX-Arbe205RBE-205-04Standard Drawing
rbb002.dgnRBB-002-08Guardrail and Bridge End Drainage for Twin Structuresrbb002RBB-002-08Standard Drawing
rbb010.dgnRBB-010-04Guardrail Transition from Normal Shoulder to Narrow Bridgerbb010RBB-010-04Standard Drawing
rbc002.dgnRBC-002-01Guardrail Connector to Bridge End Type A and A-1 Componentsrbc002RBC-002-01Standard Drawing
rbc004.dgnRBC-004-05Guardrail Connector to Bridge End Type "D"rbc004RBC-004-05Standard Drawing
rbc110.dgnRBC-110-09Connection Details of Crash Cushion Type VI to Double Face Guardrailrbc110RBC-110-09Standard Drawing
rbr005.dgnRBR-005-10Guardrail Componentsrbr005RBR-005-10Standard Drawing
rbr015.dgnRBR-015-04Guardrail Postsrbr015RBR-015-04Standard Drawing
rbr020.dgnRBR-020-03Guardrail End Treatment Type 1rbr020RBR-020-03Standard Drawing
rbr030.dgnRBR-030-04Guardrail End Treatment Type 3rbr030RBR-030-04Standard Drawing
rbr050.dgnRBR-050-05Guardrail End Treatment Type 7rbr050RBR-050-05Standard Drawing
rbi001.dgnRBI-001-09Typical Guardrail Installationsrbi001RBI-001-09Standard Drawing
rbi003.dgnRBI-003-07Typical Installation for Guardrail End Treatment Type 2Arbi003RBI-003-07Standard Drawing
rbi005.dgnRBI-005-07Guardrail Installation at Bridge Columnsrbi005RBI-005-07Standard Drawing
rbi007.dgnRBI-007-08Crash Cushion Type IX Installation at Median Piers (Depressed Median)rbi007RBI-007-08Standard Drawing
rdb230.dgnRDB-230-08Concrete Median Barrier Box Inletrdb230RDB-230-08Standard Drawing
rdb240.dgnRDB-240-01Concrete Median Barrier Box Inlet (50" Tall Wall)rdb240RDB-240-01Standard Drawing
rdb270.dgnRDB-270-08Curb Box Inlet Type A (Detail Drawing)rdb270RDB-270-08Standard Drawing
rdb272.dgnRDB-272-06Curb Box Inlet Type A (Top Phase Tables)rdb272RDB-272-06Standard Drawing
rdb280.dgnRDB-280-05Curb Box Inlet Type B (Detail Drawing)rdb280RDB-280-05Standard Drawing
rdb282.dgnRDB-282-03Curb Box Inlet Type B (Top Phase Tables)rdb282RDB-282-03Standard Drawing
rdb320.dgnRDB-320-05Standard Curb Box Inlet Type Frdb320RDB-320-05Standard Drawing
rdb410.dgnRDB-410-05Box Inlet Pipe Chamberrdb410RDB-410-05Standard Drawing
rdb430.dgnRDB-430-04Manhole Stepsrdb430RDB-430-04Standard Drawing
rdb002.dgnRDB-002-11Drop Box Inlet Type 2rdb002RDB-002-11Standard Drawing
rdb004.dgnRDB-004-09Drop Box Inlet Type 4rdb004RDB-004-09Standard Drawing
rdb006.dgnRDB-006-07Drop Box Inlet Type 6A-6B-6C-6D-6E and 6-Frdb006RDB-006-07Standard Drawing
rdb008.dgnRDB-008-03Drop Box Inlet Type 7 (Dimension and Steel Chart)rdb008RDB-008-03Standard Drawing
rdb011.dgnRDB-011-07Drop Box Inlet Type 11rdb011RDB-011-07Standard Drawing
rdb013.dgnRDB-013-06Drop Box Inlet Type 13 (Detail Sheet)rdb013RDB-013-06Standard Drawing
rdb015.dgnRDB-015-03Drop Box Inlet Type 13 (Detail and Bar Chart for Lid)rdb015RDB-015-03Standard Drawing
rdb017.dgnRDB-017-02Drop Box Inlet Type 13 (Pipe Chamber - Sag Condition)rdb017RDB-017-02Standard Drawing
rdb019.dgnRDB-019-03Drop Box Inlet Type 13 (Additional Steel - Chamber)rdb019RDB-019-03Standard Drawing
rdb030.dgnRDB-030-03Drop Box Inlet Type 16 (Detail Sheet)rdb030RDB-030-03Standard Drawing
rdb032.dgnRDB-032-03Drop Box Inlet Type 16 (Detail & Bar Chart for Lid)rdb032RDB-032-03Standard Drawing
rdb034.dgnRDB-034-03Drop Box Inlet Type 16 (Additional Steel - Riser)rdb034RDB-034-03Standard Drawing
rdb100.dgnRDB-100-04Sloped Box Outlet Type 1rdb100RDB-100-04Standard Drawing
rdb105.dgnRDB-105-05Sloped and Flared Box Inlet-Outlet 18"-24"-30"-36" All Skewsrdb105RDB-105-05Standard Drawing
rdb110.dgnRDB-110-07Sloped Box Inlet or Outlet Type 1rdb110RDB-110-07Standard Drawing
rdb150.dgnRDB-150-01Metal End Section Type 1 and 2 (Parallel Structures)rdb150RDB-150-01Standard Drawing
rdb160.dgnRDB-160-01Dimensions for Metal End Sectionsrdb160RDB-160-01Standard Drawing
rdm005.dgnRDM-005-05Manhole Type Brdm005RDM-005-05Standard Drawing
rdm011.dgnRDM-011-04Manhole Type C (Tower Applications)rdm011RDM-011-04Standard Drawing
rdm013.dgnRDM-013-03Manhole Type C (Table of Quantities)rdm013RDM-013-03Standard Drawing
rdm100.dgnRDM-100-02Frame and Lid Type 1rdm100RDM-100-02Standard Drawing
rdx001.dgnRDX-001-05Junction Boxrdx001RDX-001-05Standard Drawing
rdx005.dgnRDX-005-02Junction Box Type Brdx005RDX-005-02Standard Drawing
rdx011.dgnRDX-011-04Spring Box Inlet Type "B"rdx011RDX-011-04Standard Drawing
rdx050.dgnRDX-050-04Subgrade Drainage - Concrete Pavementrdx050RDX-050-04Standard Drawing
rdx065.dgnRDX-065-03Intermediate and End Anchors for Non-circular Piperdx065RDX-065-03Standard Drawing
rdx160.dgnRDX-160-05Security Devices for Frames, Grates, and Lidsrdx160RDX-160-05Standard Drawing
rdx215.dgnRDX-215-00Temporary Silt Fence with Woven Wire Fence Fabricrdx215RDX-215-00Standard Drawing
rdx225.dgnRDX-225-00Silt Trap - Type Brdx225RDX-225-00Standard Drawing
rdx240.dgnRDX-240-03Channel Habitat Improvement Structures (Dumped Stone)rdx240RDX-240-03Standard Drawing
rdx300.dgnRDX-300-03Precast Box Culvert Extensionrdx300RDX-300-03Standard Drawing
rdd002.dgnRDD-002-06Paved Ditch Type 2rdd002RDD-002-06Standard Drawing
rdd021.dgnRDD-021-06Flume Inlet Type 2rdd021RDD-021-06Standard Drawing
rdd040.dgnRDD-040-04Channel Lining Class II and IIIrdd040RDD-040-04Standard Drawing
rdp005.dgnRDP-005-04Perforated Pipe for Subgrade Drainage on Two-Lane (Class 2) and Multi-Lane Roadsrdp005RDP-005-04Standard Drawing
rdp007.dgnRDP-007-03Perforated Pipe Details (Solid Rock)rdp007RDP-007-03Standard Drawing
Sepia 009.dgnRDI-001-08Culvert, Entrance, & Storm Sewer Pipe Types & Cover HeightsSepia 009009Removed old note no. 11 Allows PVC and HDPE to be used on National Highway System and for Storm SewersSepia
Sepia 011.dgnRDI-003-03Culvert & Storm Sewer Pipe Types & Cover HeightsSepia 011011Removed old note no. 9 Allows PVC and HDPE to be used on National Highway System and for Storm SewersSepia
rdi005.dgnRDI-005-03Culvert & Storm Sewer Pipe Types & Cover Heightsrdi005RDI-005-03Standard Drawing
rdi007.dgnRDI-007-03Culvert & Storm Sewer Pipe Types & Cover Heightsrdi007RDI-007-03Standard Drawing
rdi011.dgnRDI-011-02Culvert, Entrance, & Storm Sewer Pipe Types & Cover Heightsrdi011RDI-011-02Standard Drawing
rdi016.dgnRDI-016-02Pipe Bedding for Culverts, Entrance, and Storm Sewer Piperdi016RDI-016-02Standard Drawing
rdi021.dgnRDI-021-00Pipe Bedding for Culverts, Entrance, and Storm Sewer Reinforced Concrete Piperdi021RDI-021-00Standard Drawing
rdi026.dgnRDI-026-00Pipe Bedding Trench Condition Reinforced Conc. Piperdi026RDI-026-00Standard Drawing
rdi045.dgnRDI-045-01Typical Median Drain Installationsrdi045RDI-045-01Standard Drawing
rdi120.dgnRDI-120-03Bedding for Precast Box Culverts, Sewers, Storm Drains, and Their Combinationsrdi120RDI-120-03Standard Drawing
rfc001.dgnRFC-001-07Chain Link Fence 4' to 6' Highrfc001RFC-001-07Standard Drawing
rfg001.dgnRFG-001-06Woven Wire Gatesrfg001RFG-001-06Standard Drawing
rfg010.dgnRFG-010-04Water Gate Type 1 and Type 2rfg010RFG-010-04Standard Drawing
rfw001.dgnRFW-001-04Fencing Detailsrfw001RFW-001-04Standard Drawing
rfw006.dgnRFW-006-06Woven Wire Fence Type 2rfw006RFW-006-06Standard Drawing
rgs002.dgnRGS-002-05Superelevation for Multi-Lane Pavementrgs002RGS-002-05Standard Drawing
rgx002.dgnRGX-002-08Retaining Wall Gravity Type non-reinforcedrgx002RGX-002-08Standard Drawing
rgx005.dgnRGX-005-05Right of Way Monumentsrgx005RGX-005-05Standard Drawing
rgx015.dgnRGX-015-02Settlement Platformrgx015RGX-015-02Standard Drawing
rgx030.dgnRGX-030-06Handrail Type A, A-1, A-2, A-3, A-4rgx030RGX-030-06Standard Drawing
rgx050.dgnRGX-050-01Gabion Retaining Wallsrgx050RGX-050-01Standard Drawing
rgx061.dgnRGX-061-00Footing Details for the Type C Beamrgx061RGX-061-00Standard Drawing
rgx100.dgnRGX-100-05Treatment of Embankments at End-Bentsrgx100RGX-100-05Standard Drawing
rgx200.dgnRGX-200-00One Point Proctor Family of Curvesrgx200RGX-200-00Standard Drawing
rpm010.dgnRPM-010-05Standard Barrier Medianrpm010RPM-010-05Standard Drawing
rpm012.dgnRPM-012-03Mountable Median Type 6Arpm012RPM-012-03Standard Drawing
rpm100.dgnRPM-100-09Curb and Gutter, Curbs and Valley Gutterrpm100RPM-100-09Standard Drawing
rpm115.dgnRPM-115-04Concrete Terminal Section Type 1rpm115RPM-115-04Standard Drawing
rpm130.dgnRPM-130-03Precast Vehicle Stoprpm130RPM-130-03Standard Drawing
rpm145.dgnRPM-145-03Rumble Strips Type 3rpm145RPM-145-03Standard Drawing
Sepia 013.dgnRPM-152-06Concrete Entrance Pavement and SidewalkSepia 013013Added "with traffic control devices" to Note 10.Sepia
Sepia 014.dgnRPM-170-06Sidewalk RampsSepia 014014Added "Retrofit" Grades on Note 1. Changed Detectable Warnings from incidental to a separate bid item.Sepia
rpx001.dgnRPX-001-03Station Markings - Concrete Pavementrpx001RPX-001-03Standard Drawing
rpx015.dgnRPX-015-03Hot Poured Elastic Joint Seals for Concrete Pavementrpx015RPX-015-03Standard Drawing
rpx100.dgnRPX-100-02Accessible Parking Space Detailsrpx100RPX-100-02Standard Drawing
rpn010.dgnRPN-010-06Pavement Transitions and Joint Details for Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement at Bridge Endsrpn010RPN-010-06Standard Drawing
rpn020.dgnRPN-020-03Concrete Pavement Joints - Types and Spacingrpn020RPN-020-03Standard Drawing
rps020.dgnRPS-020-13Expansion and Contraction Joints Load Transfer Assembliesrps020RPS-020-13Standard Drawing
rps031.dgnRPS-031-05Concrete Pavement Joints - Type and Spacingrps031RPS-031-05Standard Drawing
rps033.dgnRPS-033-06Concrete Pavement Joints - Type and Spacingrps033RPS-033-06Standard Drawing
rps035.dgnRPS-035-05Concrete Pavement Joints - Type and Spacingrps035RPS-035-05Standard Drawing
rps037.dgnRPS-037-05Concrete Pavement Joints - Type and Spacingrps037RPS-037-05Standard Drawing
rps039.dgnRPS-039-05Concrete Pavement Joints - Type and Spacingrps039RPS-039-05Standard Drawing
rrp001.dgnRRP-001-04Planting and Staking Detailsrrp001RRP-001-04Standard Drawing
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tpm105.dgnTPM-105-01Pavement Marker Arrangements Multi-Lane Roadwaystpm105TPM-105-01Standard Drawing
tpm115.dgnTPM-115-01Pavement Marker Arrangements Two-Lane, Two-Way Roadwaystpm115TPM-115-01Standard Drawing
tpm125.dgnTPM-125-01Pavement Marker Arrangement Exit-Gore and Off-Ramptpm125TPM-125-01Standard Drawing
tpm135.dgnTPM-135-01Pavement Marker Arrangement On-Ramp with Parallel Acceleration Lanetpm135TPM-135-01Standard Drawing
tpm145.dgnTPM-145-01Pavement Marker Arrangement Channelized Intersectiontpm145TPM-145-01Standard Drawing
ttd120.dgnTTD-120-00Work Zone, Speed Limit, and Double Finesttd120TTD-120-00Standard Drawing
tts100.dgnTTS-100-01Mobile Operation for Paint Striping Case Itts100TTS-100-01Standard Drawing
tts110.dgnTTS-110-01Mobile Operation for Paint Striping Case IIItts110TTS-110-01Standard Drawing
tts120.dgnTTS-120-01Mobile Operation for Durable Striping Case Itts120TTS-120-01Standard Drawing
tts130.dgnTTS-130-01Mobile Operation for Durable Striping Case IIItts130TTS-130-01Standard Drawing
ttc100.dgnTTC-100-00Lane Closure Two-Lane Highway Case Ittc100TTC-100-00Standard Drawing
ttc110.dgnTTC-110-00Lace Closure Using Traffic Signalsttc110TTC-110-00Standard Drawing
ttc120.dgnTTC-120-00Lace Closure Multi-Lane Highway Case IIttc120TTC-120-00Standard Drawing
ttc135.dgnTTC-135-00Shoulder Lane Closurettc135TTC-135-00Standard Drawing
ttc141.dgnTTC-141-00Median Crossover Case Ittc141TTC-141-00Standard Drawing
ttc146.dgnTTC-146-00Median Crossover Case IIttc146TTC-146-00Standard Drawing
ttc155.dgnTTC-155-00Temporary Pavement Marker Arrangements for Construction Zonesttc155TTC-155-00Standard Drawing