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Mrs. Crystal Hutcheson, President1646 Kentucky Avenue, Paducah, KY 42003Main: (270) 448-0755, Fax: (270) 448-0754
541330, 541620, 541690, 541720, 562910
Consultant: environmental, safety and engineering consulting services

Prequalified Consultant: HAZMAT preliminary site assessment (Phase 1), HAZMAT site recon./sampling (Phase 2), HAZMAT remediation services, UST preliminary site assessment, UST site remediation services, EIS writing and coordination, socioeconomic analysis, prehistoric environmental archaeology and rural and urban roadway design
Ms. Abbie Jones, Owner1022 Fontaine Road, Lexington, KY 40502Main: (859) 559-3443, Fax:
541330, 541360, 541370
Related Services: professional engineer and land surveyor

Prequalified Consultant: surveying, traffic data collection and rural and urban roadway design
Mr. Moise Lubin, CEO2601 Cartwright Road, Suite D, #394, Missouri City, TX 77459-2613Main: (800) 604-0841, Fax: (347) 342-3853
524298, 541612
Consultant: human resources consulting services and all other insurance related activities
Ms. Lilli Allen, President2509 Lenlake Ct., Lexington, KY 40513Main: (859) 229-7362, Fax: (859) 223-1948
237310, 237990, 238110
Related Services: construction staking, preparing development plans, small civil engineering design projects, erosion control projects, storm, sanitary sewer, highway, street and bridge construction, civil engineering construction, poured and structure concrete

Prequalified Consultant: surveying and rural roadway design

Prequalified: sidewalk, entrance pavement, curb and gutter, storm drainage and storm sewer
Ms. Anne Morris, Principal425 Holly Street, Columbia, SC 29205Main: (803) 771-9105, Fax:
541620, 611430
Related Services: environmental consulting services and professional management training

Prequalified Consultant: socioeconomic analysis and EIS writing and coordination
Mr. Gregory A. Jenifer, President300 Frank W. Burr Blvd., 2nd Floor East, Suite #35, Teaneck, NJ 07666-6704Main: (201) 357-8725, Fax: (201) 357-8727
541690, 541613, 541600, 541618, 541990, 561110, 561421, 561422
Related Services: minority/women, EEO, Title VI, EJ, OJT, program design and implementation, compliance monitoring/reporting, outreach, public involvement. technical assistance, telephone answering services and telemarketing bureas and other contact centers
Ms. Shaune M. Skinner, President800 Freeway Drive N, Suite 101, Columbus, OH 43229-5439Main: (614) 268-2514, Fax: (614) 268-7881
541690, 541360, 541620, 541310, 541710, 541720
Consultant: all levels of cultural resources, archaeological, historic, ecological wetlands and environmental assessment, socioeconomic land use and NEPA surveys and reports

Prequalified Consultant: prehistoric, historic and cultural-historic analysis, water quality, botany, zoology, wetlands, air quality, EIS writing and coordination, UST and HAZMAT site analysis, preliminary site assessment, highway noise analysis and socioeconomic analysis
Jawdat Siddiqi, Owner2800 Corporate Exchange Drive, Suite 240, Columbus, OH 43231Main: (614) 714-0299, Fax: (513) 285-0230
541310, 541330, 541340, 541350, 541360, 541370, 541380
Consultant: engineering services, testing laboratories, environmental consulting services and remediation services

Prequalified Consultant: geotechnical laboratory testing (conditional), geotechnical drilling services
Ms. Brenda K. Booker, President1706 Joe Pope Road, Thompson Station, TN 37179Main: (615) 599-7351, Fax: (615) 599-7351
541330, 541611
Related Services: engineering and drafting services, other foundation, structure and building exterior contractor

Prequalified Consultant: rural roadway design, electrical engineering traffic signal services and electrical engineering roadway lighting services
Ms. Sarah E. Brockington, President3850 Holcomb Bridge Road, Bldg. 100, Suite 105, Norcross, GA 30092Main: (770) 662-5807, Fax: (770) 662-5824
Related Services: cultural resources consulting, including archaeology, history, exhibits and education, military studies, oral history, tribal consultation, GIS and remote sensing, collections management, permit planning, transportation projects and archival preservation

Prequalified Consultant: prehistoric analysis, cultural historic analysis and historic analysis
Mr. Jeffrey Bryant, CEO90 Canal Street, Suite 301, Boston, MA 40220Main: (617) 248-0300, Fax: (617) 248-0212
236220, 237110, 237310, 237990, 541330, 541370, 541990
Consultant: marine engineering, civil engineering specializing in transportation, civil, site, structural and traffic engineering, surveying and construction management

Prequalified Consultant: construction project supervision, rural roadway design, urban roadway design, surveying, structure design spans under 500', pedestrian and bicycle facility planning and design
Ms. Rachel Sebree, PresidentP. O. Box 53913, Indianapolis, IN 46253-0913Main: (317) 272-0254, Fax: (317) 272-0348
541512, 541612
Consultant: C.A.D. (computer-aided design) and human resources consulting services
Mrs. Angela Y. Cannon, CEO8550 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919Main: (865) 670-8555, Fax: (865) 670-8866
541330, 541370
Related Services: engineering services and surveying and mapping (except geophysical) services
Mr. Darrell Searcy, President310 Vizcaya Drive, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418Main: (404) 643-9747, Fax: (561) 828-6382
541512, 541611, 541613, 541618, 541690, 541820, 561210, 561320, 611430
Related Services: administrative management and general consulting services, professional and management development training, other scientific and technical consulting services, public relations agency, marketing consulting services, computer systems design services, other management consulting services, facilities support services and temporary help services
Ms. Vicki LaRose, President1552 S. 7th Street, St. Louis, MO 63104Main: (314) 863-5570, Fax: (314) 863-5570
541330, 541370
Related Services: civil engineering, land surveying and mapping (except geophysical) services; including geographic information system (GIS) base mapping services

Prequalified Consultant: rural and urban roadway design, surveying
Mrs. Connie Kreutzjans, Owner3069 Sentry Drive, Edgewood, KY 41017Main: (859) 653-2175, Fax:
541613, 541810, 541830, 541840, 541850, 541910
Related Services: advertising media buys such as outdoor billboard, bus, transit, radio, TV, cable, print and digital; developing and implementing marketing and publicity endeavors; specializing in creating properly targeted marketing messages that increase awareness with maximum impact
Ms. Connie S. Gowder, President2594 N. Mount Juliet Road, Mount Juliet, TN 37122Main: (615) 758-7474, Fax: (615) 758-7477
236220, 237310, 541330, 541611, 541990
Consultant: airport design, airport project inspection, construction management, construction engineering, construction consulting, cost estimating, scheduling, DBE plans, project management, construction administration, resident engineering, independent fee analysis, administrative management and general management consulting services

Prequalified Consultant: construction engineering and airport project inspection
Ms. Anne Bader, OwnerP. O. Box 991259, Louisville, KY 40269Main: (502) 614-8828, Fax: (502) 614-8940
541620, 541690, 541990
Consultant: archaeological consulting, cultural-historic analysis

Prequalified Consultant: prehistoric and historic environmental services and cultural-historic analysis
Mr. Chella Subram, P. E., SECB, President2302 Hurstbourne Village Drive, Suite 1000, Louisville, KY 40299Main: (502) 493-2717, Fax: (502) 491-4824
236220, 237110, 237310, 238110, 238140, 238190, 425120, 541330, 541340, 541350
Consulting: structural engineering, structural assessments, structural strengthening, special inspections, rural roadway design, Bridge structural design spans under 500’ and construction management and supervision;

Related Services: erosion prevention, sediment control, horizontal concrete work such as driveways, walkways, and foundations, vertical concrete, masonry, steel construction, concrete repair, bridges and culverts, concrete retaining walls, and sound barrier walls, designer and certified applicator of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) strengthening of existing structure;
Broker: brick, concrete block, sand, coarse aggregate, EPSC fabrics, stakes, epoxies, and rebar

Prequalified: bridges not more than 70' clear span, bridges not more than 100' clear span
Mrs. Scarlett Mattingly, CEOP. O. Box 43878, Louisville, KY 40253Main: (502) 429-8435, Fax: (866) 559-8812
Related Services: geographic information systems consulting
Mrs. Ellen Crane Mullen, President1120 Star Gate Road, Evansville, IN 47725Main: (812) 868-0709, Fax: (812) 868-1232
Related Services: environmental consulting services
Ms. Amy W. Kudel, Principal750 12th Street, Wilmette, IL 60091Main: (571) 257-9740, Fax:
541219, 541611, 541690
Related Services: other accounting services, administrative management and general management consulting services and other scientific and technical consulting services
Mrs. Meenu Gupta, President60 Erik Drive, Fords, NJ 08863Main: (732) 404-1334, Fax: (732) 404-1335
Related Services: employment placement agencies
Ms. L. Beth Sutherland, Managing Member4966 Winters Lane, Cold Spring, KY 41076Main: (859) 781-9776, Fax: (859) 781-9775
Consultant: administrative management and general management consulting services (specializing in right-of-way acquisitions)
Mr. Tobias A. Iloka, President2931 E. Dublin-Granville Road, Suite 200, Columbus, OH 43231Main: (614) 880-7320, Fax: (614) 880-7324
221310, 221320, 237990, 237110, 237310, 541330, 541340, 541370, 541512
Related Services: providing professional services in the areas of bridge and roadway design, storm water drainage systems design, surveying, construction management and environmental services

Prequalified Consultant: rural roadway design, urban roadway design and surveying
Mr. Edward J. Holmes, President333 W. Vine Street, Suite 300, Lexington, KY 40507-1626Main: (859) 425-4881, Fax: (859) 254-8639
541330, 541611, 541614, 541618, 541620, 541712, 813312, 924110, 925110, 926120, 926130
Consultant: environmental planning and regulatory engineering, environmental archeology and socioeconomic analysis, EIS writing and coordination, rural roadway design, urban roadway design, highway planning services, pedestrian and bicycle facility planning and design

Prequalified Consultant: rural roadway design, urban roadway design, highway planning services, bikeway planning, socioeconomic environmental services and EIS writing and coordination
Ms. Gina Foringer, President/CEO843 W. 36th Street, Suite 200, Baltimore, MD 21211Main: (410) 366-5170, Fax: (410) 366-5176
Related Services: environmental consulting services
Mr. Richard Easley, President43969 Tavern Drive, Suite 200, Ashburn, VA 20147Main: (703) 858-5588, Fax: (703) 724-0983
541611, 541614, 541618, 611430
Consultant: administrative management and general management consulting services, transportation management consulting services, other management consulting services and professional and management development training
Mr. Sandeep Singh, President5555 E. Michigan Street, Suite 200, Orlando, FL 32822Main: (407) 599-1122, Fax: (407) 599-1133
541330, 541990
Related Services: engineering services and all other professional, scientific and technical services

Prequalified Consultant: aviation systems planning, aviation master planning, airport design and airport project inspection

Mr. Vinay Polepalli, Principal2302 Hurstbourne Village Drive, Suite 600, Louisville, KY 40299Main: (502) 587-0290, Fax:
Consultant: construction and consulting engineering, rural highway design, urban highway design, traffic analysis, civil engineering services, quality assurance services, document control services, scheduling analysis, drainage design, and construction and consulting engineering

Prequalified Consultant:  rural roadway design and urban roadway design
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