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2C'S FREIGHT BROKER, LLCBrokerMs. Laura Mason, Owner522 Finnie Flat Road, E-618, Camp Verde, AZ 86322Main: (602) 509-8924, Fax: (623) 546-8876lauramason@2csfreight.com
Related Services: logistics coordinator, local and long haul freight broker
5H TECHNOLOGIES, INC.Consultant, Prequalified Consultant for Professional ServicesMrs. Crystal Hutcheson, President1646 Kentucky Avenue, Paducah, KY 42003Main: (270) 448-0755, Fax: (270) 448-0754ch@5htech.com
541330, 541620, 541690, 541720, 562910
Consultant: environmental, safety and engineering consulting services

Prequalified Consultant: HAZMAT preliminary site assessment (Phase 1), HAZMAT site recon./sampling (Phase 2), HAZMAT remediation services, UST preliminary site assessment, UST site remediation services, EIS writing and coordination, socioeconomic analysis, prehistoric environmental archaeology and rural and urban roadway design
A & A CONCRETE SAWING & DRILLINGPrequalifiedMs. Melissa Malone, CEOP. O. Box 72282, Louisville, KY 40272Main: (502) 995-7500, Fax: (502) 995-7502aaconcretesawing@msn.com
Related Services: concrete drilling and sawing, core drilling, electric sawing, wall sawing, hand sawing, removal, clean up and grinding

Prequalified: concrete sawing and core drilling
A D E CONTRACTING, INC.PrequalifiedMs. Angela English, President1044 Duncan Road, Lawrenceburg, KY 40342Main: (859) 621-7941, Fax: (859) 879-0164ADEINC1@aol.com
237110, 237310, 238210, 238910
Related Services: general contracting consisting of underground utilities including water and sewer, curb and gutter, sidewalk (public/commercial) and excavating

Prequalified: clearing and grubbing, ditching and shouldering, cement concrete base construction, curb and gutter, sidewalk, entrance pavement, paved ditch, storm drainage and storm sewer
A PLUS CONTRACTOR SERVICE, LLCMr. James E. Jones, II, Owner10435 Candy Apple Lane, Indianapolis, IN 46235Main: (317) 308-0267, Fax: Aplusindy@yahoo.com
Related Services: janitorial cleaning and construction
ABBIE JONES CONSULTING, PSC d/b/a ABBIE JONES CONSULTINGPrequalified Consultant for Professional ServicesMs. Abbie Jones, Owner1022 Fontaine Road, Lexington, KY 40502Main: (859) 559-3443, Fax: abbie@abbie-jones.com
541330, 541360, 541370
Related Services: professional engineer and land surveyor

Prequalified Consultant: surveying, traffic data collection and rural and urban roadway design
ABEL ENTERPRISES, INC. d/b/a ABEL BUILDING SYSTEMSMrs. Marla Ruffin, Office Administrator47 Techview Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45215Main: (513) 772-0401, Fax: (513) 772-2604sales@abelbuildingsystems.com
238210, 561621
Related Services: access control, security systems, CCTV surveillance systems, fire alarm installation, repair and sales
ACE REBAR AND CONSTRUCTION, INC. a/k/a ASSOCIATED COST ENGINEERS, INC. of DEL. (ACE)Mr. JaJa Wade, President801 N. Pine Hills Road, Orlando, FL 32808Main: (407) 704-7803, Fax: (407) 704-7937Jwade@aceconstructionmanagement.com
Related Services: structural steel and precast concrete contractors

ACTUARIAL-INSURANCE DATA ANALYST CONSULTING, LLC (AIDAC)ConsultantMr. Moise Lubin, CEO2601 Cartwright Road, Suite D, #394, Missouri City, TX 77459-2613Main: (800) 604-0841, Fax: (347) 342-3853moiselubin@aidac.com
524298, 541612
Consultant: human resources consulting services and all other insurance related activities
AD EAST, INC.Mrs. Meriwether Hall, President324 East Main Street, Hazard, KY 41701Main: (606) 439-3865, Fax: (606) 439-0722meriwether@adeast.com
Related Services: advertising, printing, promotional items, signage, marketing, graphic design and public relations
ADAMS CLEANING SERVICES, INC.Mr. Mark Adams, PresidentP. O. Box 3066, Clarksville, IN 47131Main: (812) 288-8249, Fax: (812) 288-7949madams@adamscleaninginc.com
561720, 561790
Related Services: commercial janitorial services, new construction cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning and pressure washing
AD-SUCCESS, INC.Ms. Sharalee Scanlon, Owner868 Calypso Breeze Drive, Lexington, KY 40515Main: (859) 263-1822, Fax: (859) 263-1828sscanlon@adsuccess.com
512110, 518210, 541430, 541511, 541613, 541810, 541820, 541910, 541922, 611420, 611430, 711510
Related Services: advertising, marketing, PR, websites, news media, digital photography, online and traditional media buying, ad, editorial and PR copy, digital and print graphics, computer illustration, video/audio editing, evaluation of and training in software and procedures for ad tracking, social media and ad campaign accountability
ADU CLEANING, INC.Mr. Ernest Adu-Gyamfi, Owner2188 Curtiswood Drive, Lexington, KY 40505Main: (859) 420-8384, Fax: adu.cleaning@gmail.com
Related Services: janitorial and cleaning services
AERIAL INNOVATIONS OF TENNESSEE, INC.Ms. Wendy Whittemore, President202 S. 17th Street, Nashville, TN 37206Main: (615) 650-2002, Fax: (615) 650-2111wendy@flytenn.com
541922, 541990
Related Services: aerial and architectural photography
AGRADE CONSTRUCTION, INC.PrequalifiedMs. Mary Anne Belcher, PresidentPO Box 1227, Elkhorn City, KY 41522Main: (606) 369-5044, Fax: (606) 754-5775agradeconstruct@gmail.com
237110, 237310, 238910
Related Services: water and sewer line installation, concrete work, sidewalk, clearing and grubbing, removal and placement of project materials and channel lining

Prequalified: clearing and grubbing, ditching and shouldering, curb and gutter, sidewalk, entrance pavement, paved ditch, culverts, grade and drain, concrete sawing, demolition and utilities
AIR HUB, LLCMs. Terri Sciarro, OwnerP O Box 2535, Mount Pleasant, SC 29465Main: (843) 343-3618, Fax: (888) 203-2156tls@airhubllc.com
Related Services: testing laboratories
AIRPORT CONTRACTORS SERVICES, LLCMs. Sherrie Wasley, President8264 Shay Lynn Court, Orlando, FL 32810Main: (407) 722-1735, Fax: acsplanetservices@yahoo.com
238120, 238990, 423810, 541611, 541612, 541614, 541618, 561110
Related Services: administrative management for personnel, material acquisition and parts purchasing equipment supplier, construction management, consulting and recruiting
AIRWORKS CONCESSIONS & CONRAC SUPPLIES, LLC d/b/a AIRWORKS GROUP, LLCMattie Charisse Works, President8190 Strawberry Lane, #220, Falls Church, VA 22042Main: (312) 375-0001, Fax: charisse@airworksgroup.com
541611, 541618, 722310
Concessionaire: food and beverage service, news and gift retail and wireless telecom engineering
ALISON & ASSOCIATESMs. Alison Luckett, Owner2565 W. Fourth Street, Owensboro, KY 42301Main: (270) 684-4244, Fax: (270) 685-1530AlisonLuckett@alisonandassociates.com
Related Services: sales, promotional advertising, products, services and corporate event planning
ALLEN ENGINEERING, INC.Prequalified, Prequalified Consultant for Professional ServicesMs. Lilli Allen, President2509 Lenlake Ct., Lexington, KY 40513Main: (859) 229-7362, Fax: (859) 223-1948lmallen2509@yahoo.com
237310, 237990, 238110
Related Services: construction staking, preparing development plans, small civil engineering design projects, erosion control projects, storm, sanitary sewer, highway, street and bridge construction, civil engineering construction, poured and structure concrete

Prequalified Consultant: surveying and rural roadway design

Prequalified: sidewalk, entrance pavement, curb and gutter, storm drainage and storm sewer
AMERICAN MATERIAL SERVICES, LLC d/b/a AMERICAN READY MIXMaterial SupplierMr. Joseph Phillips, PresidentPO Box 16325, Louisville, KY 40256Main: (502) 447-5720, Fax: (502) 447-5723joelee@americanreadymix.biz
Material Supplier: supplier of ready-mix concrete, gravel, rock, stone, top soil and sand
ANKIT, LLCMr. Ankit Jain, CEO4181 NW 1st Avenue, Suite 11, Boca Raton, FL 33431-4266Main: (561) 962-2831, Fax: (561) 491-5177ankit@theankit.com
Related Services: design, manufacture and distribute earphones, headphones, cell phone cases and other Apple accessories
ANNE MORRIS AND ASSOCIATES, LLCPrequalified Consultant for Professional ServicesMs. Anne Morris, Principal425 Holly Street, Columbia, SC 29205Main: (803) 771-9105, Fax: anne@anne-morris.com
541620, 611430
Related Services: environmental consulting services and professional management training

Prequalified Consultant: socioeconomic analysis and EIS writing and coordination
ANTOINE ADAMS PAINTING, INC.Mr. Antoine Adams, Owner838 E. High Street, #306, Lexington, KY 40502Main: (859) 270-7111, Fax: (859) 523-7421antoineadams1@yahoo.com
Related Services: interior, exterior, commercial, residential and industrial painting contractor
ARMAND RESOURCE GROUP, INC.ConsultantMr. Gregory A. Jenifer, President300 Frank W. Burr Blvd., 2nd Floor East, Suite #35, Teaneck, NJ 07666-6704Main: (201) 357-8725, Fax: (201) 357-8727armandresourcegroup@msn.com
541690, 541613, 541600, 541618, 541990, 561110, 561421, 561422
Related Services: minority/women, EEO, Title VI, EJ, OJT, program design and implementation, compliance monitoring/reporting, outreach, public involvement. technical assistance, telephone answering services and telemarketing bureas and other contact centers
ASC GROUP, INC.Consultant, Prequalified Consultant for Professional ServicesMs. Shaune M. Skinner, President800 Freeway Drive N, Suite 101, Columbus, OH 43229-5439Main: (614) 268-2514, Fax: (614) 268-7881sskinner@ascgroup.com
541690, 541360, 541620, 541310, 541710, 541720
Consultant: all levels of cultural resources, archaeological, historic, ecological wetlands and environmental assessment, socioeconomic land use and NEPA surveys and reports

Prequalified Consultant: prehistoric, historic and cultural-historic analysis, water quality, botany, zoology, wetlands, air quality, EIS writing and coordination, UST and HAZMAT site analysis, preliminary site assessment, highway noise analysis and socioeconomic analysis
ASP INDUSTRIES, INC.Ms. Suzanne Phillips, President9 Evelyn Street, Rochester, NY 14606Main: (585) 254-9130, Fax: (585) 254-9139sphillips@aspindustries.com
332322, 332312, 332119
Related Services: sheet metal work manufacturing, fabricated structural metal manufacturing and metal crown, closure and other metal stamping (except automotive)
AVIATION ALLIANCE, INC.Ms. Shirley Roberts, CEOP. O. Box 799, Colleyville, TX 76034Main: (817) 498-0388, Fax: (817) 281-1867Shirley@AviationAllianceInc.com
541330, 541614, 236220, 488119
Related Services: airport/airspace consultancy, airfield civil and electrical design, navigational aids and power systems studies
AXIS MEDICAL MANAGEMENT, LLCMs. Angela Pannell, OwnerP. O. Box 88, Cub Run, KY 42729Main: (270) 524-0490, Fax: (866) 759-0944apannell@axismm.com
Related Services: medical management of workers' compensation claims for insurance
companies, employers and third party
BACKSTROM MCCARLEY BERRY & CO., LLCBrokerMr. Vincent McCarley, CEO115 Sansome Street, Mez A, San Francisco, CA 94104Main: (415) 392-5505, Fax: (415) 392-5276vmccarley@bmcbco.com
Related Services: full service dealer with the ability to offer and trade corporate debt, equity and private placement securities
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