Free Transportation for Veterans to Medical Appointments

Click on the Interactive Map below to find rides in your county or

call 1-855-838-4646 (1-855 VetGoGo)


The Goal of Vet Connect is to provide a one-call/one-click call center that will help simplify access to transportation for Veterans and their families by connecting customers in one place to all transportation options available in their local area.


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If you are a veteran and in need of transportation of any kind, please call 1-855-Vet (838)-Gogo (4646) so we can connect you with the public transit agency available in your area.  Once connected with your local public transit agency you can request transportation and get pricing information, hours of operation and learn about the transportation options available in your area.


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 By clicking on a county in the map above you can view all the transportation options available in that county.

*NEW PILOT Project*

VETERAN Medical Transportation Program

The veteran’s Program trust fund has provided free medical transportation to veterans who do not already qualify for other transportation services.

If you are a Veteran and need transportation to a medical appointment Please call 1-855-838-4646 to see if you qualify for free transportation. Transportation providers require a 72 hour notice in order to schedule and coordinate all transportation requests. All trips are subject to availability of vehicles and drivers available to provide the requested transportation

*Please note that this is a pilot project and funding is limited and is used to pay the veterans fare for the transportation services provided while funding lasts.*

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