Transportation Delivery
The Office of Transportation Delivery is responsible for seeking grant funds; the oversight and implementation of various statewide public transit grants; and coordinates human service transportation such as non-emergency medical transportation.
Transportation grants offer general public transit services and assist in the mobility for the elderly, low income, and persons with disabilities.
Kentucky Public Transit Branch
The grants include operating, capital (rolling stock and transit facilities) and technical assistance. These grants are administered directly by statewide nonprofit or public operators. Statewide, operators vary from a one county rural operation to multiple county systems to large urban area transit agencies.
Human Services Transportation Delivery Branch (HSTD) 
The Human Service Transportation Delivery Branch is responsible for the oversight of the Human Service Transportation Delivery (HSTD) program. The HSTD program consolidates transportation services previously provided by various state governmental agencies. The former transportation delivery process was fragmented, increasingly costly, and vulnerable to fraud and abuse. In addition, transportation services were not easily accessible in some rural areas.

Under the HSTD program, transportation services for the Department for Medicaid Services, Department for the Blind, and the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation are now coordinated by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Office of Transportation Delivery.
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FTA Proposed Circular (5311) C9040.1G - Formula Grants for Rural Areas 
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Office of Transportation Delivery
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