Traffic Operations

The Division is primarily concerned with improving the safety and efficiency of the Commonwealth's highway system through the application of traffic control devices (such as signs, signals, markings, etc.).  There are three branches within the Division of Traffic Operations.  The branches and their primary responsibilities are:
Traffic Engineering Branch
Contact: Tim Tharpe
The Traffic Engineering Branch provides expertise regarding the proper application of traffic control devices.  This Branch also manages the Highway Safety Improvement Program which looks for engineering solutions to address highway safety. Additionally, this branch handles requests for, and repairs of, large freeway/expressway signing.
System Operations Branch
Contact: Joe Thompson
The System Operation Branch is responsible for development of coordinated timing and communication networks for traffic signal systems.
Traffic Design Services Branch
Contact: Ted Swansegar
The Traffic Design Services Branch supports the development of design plans for electrical devices and handles material specifications for items used in the installation and maintenance of these devices.