Digital Driver's License
Kentucky introducing new, tamper-resistant driver’s license
Kentucky is transitioning to a new driver’s license that looks much the same but contains features for greater security, protection of privacy and resistance to tampering.
The new license has multiple layers of security features, all linked to each other:
    • Digital watermark imperceptible to the human eye
    • Bank note-level fine line printing
    • Dual-side lamination for greater tamper resistance and durability
    • Hologram with single-color, ultraviolet “ghost” image
Kentucky last updated driver’s licenses in 2001, with the introduction of digital licenses for improved security. Kentucky was the first state to put the driver’s image in the bar code on the back of the license. With the next stage of Kentucky’s driver’s license, those security measures will be tightened to provide even greater resistance to fraud.
Starting in the fall, new licenses will also feature veteran and organ donor designations.
Customers are not required to obtain new licenses until their current licenses expire. The process for obtaining or renewing a driver license will not change. The cost of $20 will also remain the same.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when will the new driver’s licenses be introduced? 
Installations will begin Aug. 7 in McLean County to ensure all systems and processes are ready for broad deployment. Other initial locations include:  Bourbon County (Aug. 9), Anderson County (Aug. 14), Woodford County (Aug. 16), Jefferson County Dixie Highway (Aug. 21), Warren County (Aug. 21), Pulaski County (Aug. 23) and McCracken County (Aug. 23). 
The new driver’s license will be rolled out in stages throughout the summer and early fall.  The entire process is expected to be completed by October 2012.
What will the new driver’s licenses look like? 
What are the differences between the old and new driver’s licenses?
Kentucky’s driver’s license will have a combination of visible features as well as those that are kept confidential to support law enforcement and public officials in determining if the card is authentic, including: 
    • Veteran designation
    • Organ donation designation
    • Hologram with single color UV and Ghost image
    • Dual-side lamination for tamper evidence as well as increased durability
    • Bank-note level Guilloche (Fine Line Printing)
    • IDMarc™
Why are the driver’s licenses being changed?
The driver’s license is the document Kentuckians use to establish their identity in order to gain access to a wide range of benefits and services.  It is the document commonly used when voting, opening a bank account, driving, obtaining state benefits, and boarding a plane, to name a few.  Given its importance, Kentucky continues to enhance the security features in the card to thwart attempts to counterfeit, alter or swap photos, helping to protect the citizens of Kentucky from the growing problem of identity fraud.
Are the new licenses really more secure? If so, how?
The new driver’s license uses security features that are linked to each other on the card so that counterfeiters must compromise not one, but multiple technologies. This linked-and-layered approach with both visible and invisible features helps protect Kentuckians against identity fraud through counterfeiting, alteration or photo substitution. For example, various card inspection devices can read the imperceptible data embedded into the front of the card to see if it matches the data in the barcode.  If the data is missing or does not match, the authenticity of the card is suspect. In addition, the card structure is specially designed to expose any attempts to tamper with the card.
If my driver’s license is not expiring do I need to get a new one?
No. Your current license is good until the expiration date printed on the card.  There is no need to come in and renew to obtain one of the new driver’s licenses.
Will service be delayed as the new driver’s licenses are introduced?
The KYTC is working closely with our solution partner, MorphoTrust USA, on a carefully planned pilot and deployment schedule.  To ensure all new systems are functioning as they should, we will start the rollout with pilots in McLean County (Aug. 7), Bourbon County (Aug. 9), Anderson County (Aug. 14), Woodford County (Aug. 16), Jefferson County Dixie Highway (Aug. 21), Warren County (Aug. 21), Pulaski County (Aug. 23) and McCracken County (Aug. 23).  Once the pilots demonstrate that all systems are working as they should in a real-life environment, we will continue to add offices over the course of the summer – four per day -- so that we can ensure minimal disruption and, in fact, quickly enhance the level of service to our citizens.  While we are doing our best to anticipate any issues we may encounter, system and card upgrades of this size are complex and we may run into problems that could impact service.  If this occurs, we will notify the public of any downtime that we have visibility into. 
Has the process or cost for obtaining or renewing a driver’s license changed? 
The process for obtaining or renewing driver's license has not changed. Nor has the cost increased.

When will the Veteran and Organ Donor designations be added to the driver’s license and what will they look like?
The Veteran and Organ Donor designations will be available for licenses in the fall. 
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