Centennial Minute - January 26, 2012


In 1912, the Kentucky General Assembly's response to the "good roads" movement is the creation of the Department of Public Roads. Governor James McCreary appoints Robert C. Terrell Commissioner on June 21st.

Although Kentucky was the first state in the nation to establish a highway department back in 1821 the organization, however, came to the end of the road before the Civil War.

The new Department of Public Roads advises county authorities in road matters and assists counties in making surveys and plan preparations. The Department's staff of 14 operates with a $25 thousand annual budget.

Within a year, the Department of Public Roads will have made surveys, plans and cost estimates for 61 miles of new roads; inspected 574 miles of existing highways and developed plans for 153 bridges.

It's an impressive start for Kentucky's new Department of Public Roads. Celebrating a century of service and a legacy of leadership, this is the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.