Traffic Engineer Meeting 2012 Presentations
​General Topics
2012 Traffic Meeting Agenda.docx2012 Traffic Meeting Agenda
Highway Traffic Technician Series (Jeff Wolfe).pptHighway Traffic Technician Series (Jeff Wolfe)
Loops on Proposal Projects (Ted Swansegar).pptxLoops on Proposal Projects (Ted Swansegar)
Project Development Process (Tim Tharpe).pptxProject Development Process (Tim Tharpe)
Salvage and Recycle Policy (Jeff Wolfe).pptxSalvage and Recycle Policy (Jeff Wolfe)
Tort Liability (Ken Agent).pptxTort Liability (Ken Agent)
HSIP Horizontal Alignment Signing (Jason Siwula).pptxHSIP Horizontal Alignment Signing (Jason Siwula)
HSIP Intro to HSM Methods (Jason Siwula).pptxHSIP Intro to HSM Methods (Jason Siwula)
HSIP Overview (Tracy Lovell).pptxHSIP Overview (Tracy Lovell)
HSIP Project Process (Tracy Lovell).pptxHSIP Project Process (Tracy Lovell)
Safety in Traffic Engineering (Siwula and Stanley).pptxSafety in Traffic Engineering (Siwula and Stanley)
Signs and Markings (Jarrod Stanley).pptxSigns and Markings (Jarrod Stanley)
​Signals and Lighting
Alternative Detection Technologies (Tom Hines - Chris Kuntz).pptxAlternative Detection Technologies (Tom Hines - Chris Kuntz)
Electrical Contracts (Ted Swansegar).pptxElectrical Contracts (Ted Swansegar)
Flashing Yellow Arrows (Tim Tharpe).pptxFlashing Yellow Arrows (Tim Tharpe)
Intersection Solutions from Sensys Networks.wmvIntersection Solutions from Sensys Networks
Nav Lighting (Staci Timol).pptxNav Lighting (Staci Timol)
Revision Lighting Policy (Ted Swansegar).pptxRevision Lighting Policy (Ted Swansegar)
SALSA (Lee Sewell).pptxSALSA (Lee Sewell)
Sensys Networks Wireless Sensor Installation.wmvSensys Networks Wireless Sensor Installation
Sensys Networks Wireless Sensor Removal.wmvSensys Networks Wireless Sensor Removal
System Operations Miscellaneous Topics (Joe Thompson).pptxSystem Operations Miscellaneous Topics (Joe Thompson)
TransSTAMP (Glenn Anderson).pptxTransSTAMP (Glenn Anderson)
​Signs and Markings
I Can't Drive 55 (Jeff Wolfe).pptI Can't Drive 55 (Jeff Wolfe)
Local Governments Told to Buy New Street Signs - ABC News.mp4Local Governments Told to Buy New Street Signs - ABC News
Miscellaneous Signs and Markings Issues (Jeff Wolfe).pptMiscellaneous Signs and Markings Issues (Jeff Wolfe)
​MUTCD Review
MUTCD Delay and Status (Jeff Wolfe).pptxMUTCD Delay and Status (Jeff Wolfe)
MUTCD Revisions - Guide Signs (Jason Hyatt).pptxMUTCD Revisions - Guide Signs (Jason Hyatt)
MUTCD Revisions - Markings (Lindsay Carter).pptxMUTCD Revisions - Markings (Lindsay Carter)
MUTCD Revisions - Regulatory and Warning Signs (Jeff Wolfe).pptxMUTCD Revisions - Regulatory and Warning Signs (Jeff Wolfe)
MUTCD Revisions - Traffic Signals (Joe Thompson).pptxMUTCD Revisions - Traffic Signals (Joe Thompson)