News & Updates
8/4/2017An example of a Stage 1 Preliminary Structure Plan submittal has been added to the Manuals and Downloads page for reference
5/31/2017 An error was found on the PCI_3 base sheet reguarding the strand splice spacing
6/7/2016The closeout form has been uploaded to reflect the latest bid prices and Standard Drawings
5/27/2015Updated Box Beam Diaphragm Sheet (increased diameter of clip angle holes)
1/29/2015Added "Special Notes and Guidance" section to Geotch page
9/15/2014Added Pile Record sheets to the Misc. catagory of the Manuals & Downloads page
5/5/2014Updated PCI Beam Type 6 (S1 & S2 bar dimension)
5/2/2014Updated Steel Diaphragm Base Sheets
11/14/2013Created an Accelerated Bridge Construction Page
11/13/2013You can now subsrcibe to Structural Design's News and Updates by clicking the red email button, top of the page.
11/6/2013Revised the Manuals and Downloads page showing Issue Date of files. Revised PCI Beam sheets (added V Bar, new sheet border). Revised Steel Diaphragm sheets.
5/11/2012Close out forms have been updated
3/8/2012Added dgn and updated pdf files to the Sign Support page
11/4/2010Revised Base Sheet for Steel Diaphragms
5/26/2010Revised Base Sheets for PCI Beams Type 5-8
1/7/2010Mailing address has changed
3/12/2009Revised Base Sheets for PCI Beams Type 5-8
1/8/2009Updated Close Out Forms with Unit Prices from 2008
11/17/2008New Director of the Division of Structural Design
11/17/2008Changes have been made to the Steel Diaphragm base sheets regarding connection details
10/29/2008Changes have been made to notes on the beam base sheets
9/24/2008"Bridge Design Basics" Presentation
8/21/2008Revised page GT-605-4
7/18/2008Issued Transmittal Memo TM 08-01
7/1/2008Added page GT-609-5: "Design Considerations For Acid Producing Shales"
2/14/2008Standard Specifications and Standard Drawings have been revised
2/14/2008The 2008 Edition of the Standard Specifications are applicable to any Roadway or Bridge Construction contract let after January 1, 2008
2/14/2008Standard Drawings Revision No. 1 to Reprint No. 9 revisions
2/14/2008Changed from a Base Sheet to a Standard Drawing BHS-008
11/16/2007Updated Close Out Forms
9/26/2007Updated Close Out Forms
8/2/2007Updated Close Out Forms
1/22/2007Issued Transmittal Memo TM 07-01
1/5/2007Southeastern Transportation Geotechnical Engineering Conference
12/14/2006Issued Transmittal Memo TM 06-02
12/14/2006Revised Title Sheet
12/14/2006Added a link on the Policies page to the Bid Item Code List.
7/27/2006Added .txt version of General Note Library
7/27/2006Added base sheet for Rail System Type 4
6/28/2006Issued Transmittal Memo TM 06-01
6/28/2006Added base sheets for Rail System Type 3 to the Downloads page.
6/28/2006Revised base sheets for PCI Beams
1/20/2006Revised Close Out Forms are now available as a spreadsheet.
12/5/2005Issued Transmittal Memo TM 05-02
12/1/2005We have a new name
12/1/2005We have a new branch
12/1/2005The Guidance Manual has been redesigned
12/1/2005New procedure for Shop Plan Distribution
12/1/2005Future transmittals and design guidance will be posted on the DOSD website.