School Curriculum and Teacher Resources
Kentucky Resources
GeneralStormwater Education Toolkit for Schools.
Information, resources and lessons for a variety of target audiences.  KYTC makes copies of the digital toolbox available upon request by partner communities.
GeneralStormwater Education Toolkit for MS4s.
KYTC makes copies of the digital toolbox available upon request by partner communities.
GeneralBluegrass Partnership for a Green Community.
Projects & teams are organized around the following initiatives: green buildings, reduce-reuse-recycle, green purchasing, environmental education, transportation, outreach & communication, water & stormwater, foods and sustainability, and green space & sustainability.
GeneralBluegrass PRIDE.
Bluegrass PRIDE (Personal Responsibility In a Desirable Environment) provides environmental resources and information to schools, community groups, local governments and citizens in Central Kentucky.
GeneralBluegrass Rain Garden Alliance.
A group supporting the need for rain gardens and other stormwater management tools.
GeneralEnvironmental Education in Kentucky.
This website allows you to locate organizations and events across the Commonwealth. “EEinkentucky” is a one stop resource for teachers and all citizens who want a simple and straightforward way to discover environmental education opportunities in the Commonwealth.
GeneralKentucky Association for Environmental Education.
Established in 1976, the Kentucky Association for Environmental Education (KAEE) is one of the country’s oldest associations supporting environmental education.  KAEE’s mission is to build a sustainable environment through education.  KAEE members include K-12 teachers, nonformal educators, government and agency personnel, university instructors, and private citizens.  KAEE offers an annual conference in September and workshops throughout the year for professional development.
GeneralKentucky EXCEL (KY Excellence in Environmental Leadership).
The Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection (DEP) is pleased to introduce its voluntary environmental leadership program, Kentucky Excellence in Environmental Leadership, known as KY EXCEL. KY EXCEL offers a nonregulatory approach that allows the department to work cooperatively with all of Kentucky’s citizens to recognize and reward the many voluntary efforts conducted each year.   KY EXCEL’s objectives are simple. The program wishes to encourage individuals, organizations and businesses to complete voluntary projects that improve Kentucky’s environment. In addition, KY EXCEL desires to facilitate a process that allows participants to increase their environmental commitment, thus reducing their environmental footprint.
GeneralKentucky Green Team Online Film Festival.
An initiative designed to highlight sustainable environmental practices. First Lady Jane Beshear asked Green Team members to send in their suggestions on how we can inspire, teach, and encourage others to take steps to improve our world’s environment. The winning submission, to host an online film festival in which Kentuckians could submit a film educating the public on energy conservation, was inspired by Syandene Evans, a freshman at Henry Clay High School in Lexington.
Kentucky Department of EducationKentucky Department of Education
Kentucky Department of Education
Kentucky Department of EducationKentucky Program of Studies and Core Content for Assessment
Kentucky Program of Studies and Core Content for Assessment
Kentucky Department of Education“How to Develop a Standards-Based Unit of Study” manual.
The 2008 manual contains a unit template, information about the components of a unit and lesson plan, sample lesson plans, and a downloadable word document template.
Kentucky Department of EducationKentucky’s Education Cooperatives.
Kentucky has a host of educational cooperatives that provide assistance and expertise for the benefit of their member school districts. This website provides the names and contact information for all of the regional offices in Kentucky. These people may be contacted to help you promote and/or offer your professional development opportunities for schools. They can also help you connect to specific teachers to work with in their classroom.
Kentucky Department of EducationProfessional Development Training Opportunities.
MS4 Coordinators and others can register on this site to publicize professional development opportunities.
Kentucky Division of WaterKentucky Division of Water
Kentucky Division of Water
Kentucky Division of WaterCommonwealth Water Education Project (CWEP).
A public education website developed to educate Kentuckians on the dangers and sources of non-point source pollution.  Public Service Announcements for television, radio and print are available for public use.
Kentucky Division of WaterKentucky Watersheds.
Basic information.
Kentucky Division of WaterKentucky River Basins Assessment Reports.
Contains interactive maps.
Kentucky Division of WaterWatershed Viewer.
Links to a clickable basin map. More detailed information is revealed by “zooming” into the map (with the “magnifying glass”) or you can click on your county to download your county map.
Kentucky Division of WaterKentucky Stormwater.
MS4 information.
Kentucky Division of WaterKY Watersheds.
Surf your watershed.
Kentucky Division of WaterKentucky Watershed Watch.
Watershed project information for volunteers.
Kentucky Division of WaterRiver Basins and Coordinators.
Basin Coordinators are members of a network of watershed specialists, working for and in partnership with various agencies, under the banner of the Kentucky Watershed Management framework. Their job is to serve as facilitators for coordinating agency activities and as a point of contact for local organizations interested in addressing clean water issues in your basin. Also see for more information.
Kentucky Division of WaterKDOW Non-Point Source Pollution.
Contains general information about non-point sources and their control.
Kentucky Educational Television (KET)Electronic Field Trip to a Watershed.
Takes students to urban and rural settings across Kentucky to see how water from rain and snow is collected and funneled into common waterways—and how human activities affect the quality of water everywhere.
Kentucky Educational Television (KET)Raindrops to Rivers.
This Professional Development Resource uses authentic video of Kentucky classrooms to showcase high quality instruction on watersheds and nonpoint source pollution. Also included are links to Kentucky Core Content and Program of Studies, lesson materials, and additional resources.
Kentucky Environmental Education CouncilKentucky Environmental Education Council.
The Kentucky Environmental Education Council was established to improve Kentuckians’ understanding of their environment. Although KEEC’s major focus is primary and secondary education, the Council also works with colleges and universities, businesses, local governments, private organizations and citizens. KEEC’s goal is to provide citizens with the knowledge they need to make their own informed decisions about their environment. Includes links to instructional resources.
Kentucky Environmental Education CouncilKentucky Green and Healthy Schools.
The Kentucky Green and Healthy Schools (KGHS) Program is a voluntary effort to empower students and staff with the tools needed to take action and make their school operate at peak efficiency by using environmentally friendly practices. The program extends into the community encouraging environmentally-friendly practices at home, work and play. Water resource protection is one area of study and action. See a list of participating schools at this website.
Kentucky Environmental Education CouncilKentucky Project WET.
Correlations to KY Core Content and more…
Kentucky Environmental Education CouncilKentucky’s Wonderful Commonwealth of Water.
  K-12 Curriculum.
Kentucky Environmental Education CouncilEnviroscape Models Available for Loan in Kentucky.
The Enviroscape is an interactive 3-D watershed model that simulates stormwater runoff and impacts from point and non-point sources.  Kentucky has several available that may be loaned for presentations.
Kentucky Geological SurveyKGS – Classroom Activities.
Kentucky maps, ways to get the word out to teachers, and more.
Kentucky Geological SurveyKGS – Resource Materials K-16
KGS – Resource Materials K-16
Kentucky Geological SurveyKentucky Land-use Planning Maps Available to Teachers
Kentucky Land-use Planning Maps Available to Teachers
Kentucky Geological SurveyHydrology of Kentucky
Hydrology of Kentucky
University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension ServiceEarth Day Resources
Earth Day Resources
University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension ServiceKentucky Water Awareness Month.
The Kentucky Water Awareness Month 2009 Packet Materials are available online. The packet includes information on stormwater, groundwater, and watersheds, and includes publications, fact sheets, promotional items, radio scripts, and activities. Please feel free to adapt and use the packet information to meet your programming needs.
University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension ServiceLiving Along a Kentucky Stream.
A practical guide for landowners with streams on or near their property. The publication provides simple Do’s and Don’ts for maintaining healthy streams and being good stream stewards.    A teaching guide and packet are also available.  This packaged program provides information about Kentucky’s streams, their importance to our state, and the actions you can take to protect this precious natural resource. Access to teaching guide, stream component quiz and answer key, stream stewardship discussion, crossword puzzle and answer key, and program evaluation.