Partner Community Resources - MCM 5, MCM 6
​     MCM5, MCM6

Post-Construction Stormwater Management (MCM 5)

KYTC addresses long-term stormwater management through the design process: ​

KYTC Highway Design Manual.

KYTC guidance on highway design and procedures​

Design Memorandums.

 KYTC issues Design Memorandums to issue and announce policy decisions.  Examples of Design Memorandums that stormwater considerations for KYTC projects include:

BMP Plan Template.

Best Management Practices (BMP) Plan Template for Highway Construction Activities. ​

Good Housekeeping for Municipal Operations/Pollution Prevention (MCM 6)

  • KYTC Developed and updated their Environmental Handbook for Management of Highways and Transportation Facilities in 2008.  Updates included an abbreviated version for use by field staff.  The Environmental Handbook is available for KYTC partner communities to use, modify and adopt as municipal operations/pollution prevention guidance.
KYTC Inspection Checklists
  • KYTC Inspection Checklists were developed for facilities staff and are available for use by partner communities:
KyTC Environmental Handbook