My Impact in the Car
Just using and maintaining our cars can contribute to water pollution. Tires, fluids, filters, and soap can make their way downstream to our lakes and streams if we aren’t careful in how we use and dispose of these products. There are small changes that you can make to help:
Car Maintenance and Leaking Fluids
Repair leaks as soon as you notice them. Leaking fluids that drip onto driveways or roads wash into our rivers, lakes and streams when it rains. You can help prevent this from happening by maintaining your vehicle. Many auto shops or supply stores will recycle your used oil and other fluids.
Riding in Cars
When you litter from your car, it is not only an eyesore. Litter pollutes are waterways when it is carried by stormwater into roadside ditches and then to streams and lakes. Even small litter, like cigarette butts, impact waterways due to the chemicals and tar that they contain. You can help be a solution to water pollution from our highways by choosing not to litter.
Car Washing
Instead of washing your car in your driveway, consider taking your car to a commercial car wash. Or, try washing your car over your lawn. This way, soap suds will be filtered by the lawn, rather than running off your driveway and into the storm drain or ditch.
Used Battery and Tire Disposal
Dispose of used batteries or tires at drop off centers or landfills.
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