My Impact At Work
Our places of work can contribute to water pollution. Cleaning, cooking, building/construction, and other businesses can impact our lakes and streams if we aren’t careful. There are small changes that you can make at work to help:


Oil, grease and trash are often generated in large amounts as part of the operation of a restaurant. Restaurant owners and employees should always dispose of oil and grease properly and check for leaks or stains on parking lot or indoor floors. Clean up spills using dry absorbent materials, never use a hose or power washer, and connect all interior drains to the sanitary sewer.

Auto Shops

Auto shops deal with a great number of chemicals that can be harmful to our waterways if they are not properly stored. Keep all chemicals and used fluids under cover and clean up spills with absorbent immediately. Absorbent must then be swept up and placed in the trash.

Construction Sites

Sediment washing into local waterways is one of the biggest water quality problems in Kentucky. Sediment adversely effects aquatic life and impacts wildlife habitat. If you work in or manage construction, you can help make a difference by taking measures to keep sediment on the construction site and out of our waterways. Always preserve as much vegetation as possible. Manage sediment from leaving the site by installing and maintaining silt fences, check dams, or other best management practices.


As a business owner or employee, simple things that you do in maintaining your office building can impact water quality. For example, do not over water landscaping. Turn off your sprinkler if rain is forecasted or if water from sprinklers is running off the plants and into the parking lot or lawn. Start a recycling program at your office. Use non-toxic cleaning products where possible.



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