One Stop Shop



Effective December 12th 2015 DOT numbers are required to be obtained online with FMCSA at


The Department of Vehicle Regulation has combined three divisions to meet transportation needs.

The new One-Stop Shop provides a comfortable and convenient location for our customers to conduct their business with the Transportation Cabinet. We also have a receptionist located in the waiting area to greet and assist customers when they arrive.

The One-Stop Shop is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and staff from three divisions: Driver Licensing, Motor Carriers and Motor Vehicle Licensing. The general public can now complete most all vehicle-related transactions at this one location.

The One-Stop Shop is located on the second floor of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet office building in Frankfort.

Contact Info
Drivers Licensing
(502) 564-0280
Driving records, traffic school, pay reinstatement fees, point system hearings, Non-US citizen applications

Vehicle Licensing
(502) 564-5301 & (502) 564-2737​
Vehicle titles, speed title, rebuilts

Motor Carriers
(502) 564-4540
Kentucky Highway Use License (KYU Number), KIT or IFTA decals, UCR taxes, apportion plates, Intrastate Authority for all For-Hire carriers, passenger and household goods authorities, US DOT #, trip permits, U-Drive-It tax.

Parking is available for personal vehicles only on the 1st floor of the east wing of the parking structure.
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