Impaired Driving Programs
 D2 (Distracted Driving) Simulator
The D2 (Distracted Driving) Simulator accurately mimics and displays the handling characteristics of real vehicles to educate the public on safe driving habits including impaired driving, seat belt usage, distracted driving and speeding.  Special software offers 39 specialized lessons with over 200 driving scenarios and exercises.

3-D(Drunk and Drugged Driving) Simulator
The 3-D (Drunk & Drugged Driving) Simulator is a battery powered car which is driven through a winding course set up with traffic cones, by an operator wearing Fatal Vision goggles. This simulates operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This program is typically presented at high schools. To participate in the program, students must have a valid driver's license and a signed permission form from a parent or guardian if under the age of 18.

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Fatal Vision Goggles
A specially designed and manufactured pair of goggles that simulate visual impairment caused by drugs or alcohol. A wearer's normal perceptions are distorted by the goggles, similar to the effects of intoxication. The goggles are intended to convince both the wearer and those observing that alcohol impairment makes activities with known risks, such as driving vehicles, very dangerous and life-threatening.
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Designated Driver Pledge


Ghost Out
The Grim Reaper removes selected students from the classroom. Each student represents a victim of an alcohol and drug related crash. The students write their obituary and a memorial service is held for the student body where each victim is laid to rest and their obituary is read.
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Mock Crash
A student assembly is held to show what happens in an alcohol and drug related crash. Makeup is applied to volunteer students to simulate crash victims before placing them in wrecked vehicles. As the assembly begins, local and state law enforcement, fire and emergency staff arrive on the scene to perform rescue efforts. Victims may be arrested, treated for injuries, or pronounced dead.
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Judgment Day
The goal of Judgment Day is to discourage teens from driving under the influence. By creating a mock trial, the program shows what really happens to an underage DUI offender in the courtroom using local attorneys, judges and other court officials, as well as a jury of their peers.
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