Environmental Analysis

The Division of Environmental Analysis (DEA) is responsible for providing environmental guidance to Transportation Cabinet Employees, to contractors, and to the general public concerning Cabinet projects and activities. The DEA facilitates the Cabinet's mission of performing in an environmentally sound manner by ensuring that impacts associated with planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance projects are identified and addressed in accordance with applicable state and federal laws.  With this information, KYTC is best positioned to understand the implications of its actions and make the best possible decisions regarding developing projects. KYTC then strives to minimize or mitigate any resulting Impacts to the human or natural environment that cannot be avoided. 
The Division executes these duties through the review, preparation, and oversight of environmental documents, contracts, or actions as required by state and federal environmental laws and regulations. The Division also provides a single point of contact to the general public and to Cabinet Employees for environmental guidance, information, and concerns


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