Partnering Efforts
The Federal Highway Administration and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet have worked closely with various federal, state and local resource agencies to identify and resolve environmental challenges on transportation projects. The FHWA and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet are in agreement that the following Partnering Efforts will result in more efficient environmental processes thereby reducing time and funds to be expended on transportation projects.  Several of these partnering efforts include:  Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources Wetland Transfer Agreement,   American Indian Tribal Outreach, US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), Red Cedar Harvesting, USFWS Indiana Bat Biological Opinion and the Wetland Finding Agreement. Each of these Partnering Efforts discuss particular challenges common to transportation projects and provide resolutions that have proven to
be beneficial to the environment.
For more information contact  
Dave Harmon, Ecology and Permitting Branch Manager
American Indian Tribal Outreach.pdfAmerican Indian Tribal Outreach
KDFWR Wetland Transfer Agreement.pdfKDFWR Wetland Transfer Agreement
USFWS Eastern Red Cedar Harvesting.pdfUSFWS Eastern Red Cedar Harvesting
USFWS Indiana Bat Biological Opinion.pdfUSFWS Indiana Bat Biological Opinion
Wetland Finding.pdfWetland Finding