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Plan ahead: Find out where road work’s happening in northeast Kentucky
National Work Zone Awareness Week
FLEMINGSBURG, Ky. (April 17, 2013) – Slow down. Keep a safe distance from other vehicles. Obey warning signs. These three safety tips can reduce your risk of crashing in a work zone.
This week, National Work Zone Awareness Week, the Kentucky Department of Highways encourages motorists to add one more to the list: Plan ahead, and give yourself plenty of time to safely navigate work zones.
To help, the highway department is providing a list of major road work tentatively planned for northeast Kentucky during this year’s construction season, which traditionally starts in April.
Highlights include resurfacing and repairs along more than 20 miles of Interstate 64 in Bath, Rowan and Carter counties, building a new section of the Flemingsburg Bypass, paving on the AA Highway in Mason and Lewis counties, reconstruction of KY 7 in Elliott County, paving on US 23 and US 60 in downtown Ashland, and more:
-        Paving and bridge repairs on Interstate 64 between mile markers 117 and 124 near Owingsville.
-        Paving of almost three miles of US 60 in Ashland, that is 12th and 13th Streets, from Rose Hill to downtown.
-        Paving of 1.8 miles of US 23 (Winchester Avenue) in downtown Ashland.
-        Paving along 2.4 miles of Blackburn Avenue KY 168 from US 60 to US 23 at Hoods Creek.
-        Nearly 8 miles of paving on KY 3 from KY 180 to the Lawrence County line; and on KY 180 from the US 60 intersection at Cannonsburg to the interstate.
-        Paving of KY 3291, and of 1.5 miles of KY 854, and a bridge replacement on KY 168 at Keye’s Creek.
-        Resurfacing and repairs on 12 miles of Interstate 64 from mile marker 154 to 166 in the Olive Hill area.
-        Paving on US 60 in downtown Grayson; and improvements on KY 1947 at Grayson, from US 60 to KY 1, including concrete intersection enhancements.
-        Paving on KY 2 from the Jordan Fork Bridge to KY 474.
-        Paving of KY 773 from KY 7 to KY 1.
-        Paving on KY 504 from the Rowan-Carter county line to KY 955.
-        Reconstruction of five miles of KY 7 (Sandy Hook-Grayson Road) from just north of KY 706 to the Carter County line.
-        Resurfacing of KY 32 from KY 7 (mile marker 6.6) to the junction of KY 486 (mile marker 14.7).
-        Building a new section of the Flemingsburg bypass from KY 11 across Cherry Grove Road to (KY 597) KY 57 at Sleepy Run Creek, including intersection enhancements.
-        Repairs along six miles of KY 111 between the KY 1515 and KY 32 intersections, and along 4.6 miles of KY 57 between Logan Run Creek bridge and the Lewis County line.
-        Paving two miles of KY 158 from KY 111 to Waggoner Lane; and about a mile of KY 801, from KY 158 to the Rowan-Fleming line.
-        Paving nearly three miles of KY 559 from downtown Flemingsburg to near Wilson Run Road.
-        Paving of KY 32X from the Flemingsburg Bypass to KY 11 at Flemingsburg.
-        Reconstruct Pond Run Road (KY 750) from US 23 to KY 3105 in Raceland.
-        Paving nearly seven miles of KY 2 from Shells Fork Road to US 23 at Greenup.
-        About 10 miles of paving on KY 8 in two sections: From the C&O railroad crossing to Carmen Lane, and from Bradford Lane to KY 8C at Quincy.
-        Paving on KY 59 from KY 474 to Blankenship Cemetery Road, KY 1237 from KY 57 to the Lewis-Mason Line and on KY 1306.
-        Work on the Grayson Spur (KY 9) from 2.2 miles north of Lewis-Carter line to the AA Highway.
-        Paving along three miles of the AA Highway (KY 9) from US 62 to Strodes Run Road.
-        Paving on KY 1448 from KY 9 (AA Highway) to KY 11.
-        Guardrail along Germantown Road (KY 10).
-        Paving on KY 32 between KY 36 and US 68 near Carlisle.
-        Guardrail on Moorefield Road (KY 36)
-        Paving and bridge repairs on Interstate 64 between mile markers 134 and 138 near Morehead.
-        Paving on two miles of KY 519 north of the Morgan-Rowan county line.
-        Paving on eight miles of Cranston Road (KY 377) from the Rowan-Lewis county line to near Estep Cemetery Road, and bridge repairs at the 11 mile marker.
-        Turning lane installation on KY 801 at Scott’s Creek Marina.
-        Paving on KY 801 from US 60 to just north of I-64.
Across Kentucky, the Transportation Cabinet will invest $1 billion in highway projects again this year.
Cabinet engineers and contractors work cooperatively to design projects and work schedules that minimize delays and crashes.   
“Work zone safety concerns all of us,” said Bill Bell, director of the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety. “Every driver shares the responsibility for keeping our roadways safe. By working together, we can end the needless loss of life in highway work zones.”
The cabinet asks motorists to follow these work zone safety tips:
-        Slow down. Note the posted speed limits in and around the work zone.
-        Don’t tailgate. Keep a safe distance between the vehicle in front of you.
-        Plan ahead. Check, schedule enough time, and call 511 or go to for Kentucky traffic and travel information.
-        Pay close attention. Signs and work zone flaggers save lives.
-        Stay alert. Dedicate your full attention to the roadway.
-        Minimize distractions. Avoid changing radio stations and using cell phones while driving in the work zone.
-        Expect the unexpected. Keep an eye out for workers and their equipment.
-        Be patient. Remember the work zone crew members are working to improve your future ride.

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