Department Of Highways Questions & Resources


If you've stopped by this section of the newly re-designed KYTC District 4 website, you are likely looking for answers to questions about permits for a private or commercial entry, driver licensing, road conditions, scholarship opportunities, maps or even contact information for our district.  The Transportation Cabinet receives many requests each day for a variety of reasons.  For easy navigation and your convenience, we have placed more than 60 (sixty) links to informative resources at the top of each webpage to help you answer these questions.   For example:

"Road Conditions" is located on the "Citizens" drop down menu.

"Permits" and "Right-Of-Way & Utilities" is located under the "Business drop down menu.

"Scholarship Opportunities" is located on the "Programs & Services" drop down menu.

You will likely find answers under these drop down menus at the top.  If not, please feel free to call the Department of Highways District 4 office in Elizabethtown.  We will be happy to talk with you in person and address your questions.  Contact our Public Information Officer, Chris Jessie, by phone at 270.766.5066 or by e-mail: .