KY 61 In Green County Between Summersville And Greensburg

Updated Information - July 30, 2014

KY 61 Green July 2014_a.png

KY 61 Green July 2014_b.png
Preferred Alternates
A Project Team meeting consisting of KYTC and, American Engineers, Inc.(engineering consultant) was held on June 20, 2014 to determine preferred alternatives.  The Project Team took several items into consideration including (but not limited to):  Environmental concerns, public input, construction cost, utility relocations and right-of-way impacts.  Ultimately, the team chose one alternate for each section: B, G and E.  These alternates are shown below.

KY 61 Green July 2014_e.png

KY 61 Green July 2014_f.png

KY 61 Green July 2014_d.png
KY 61 Green July 2014_g.png


Links below are for downloading the entire presentation above and individual higher resolution files of listed alternates.
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Media Information
For Media Inquires, please contact Chris Jessie, Public Information Officer:
Phone:  270.401.3193
Materials below are from the February 2014 Public Meeting.  We continue to make these files available for reference.
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