31W Reconfiguration - Elizabethtown Lane Diet
ELIZABETHTOWN, KY (February 14, 2012) – Recent studies of US 31W through and north of the town square in Elizabethtown indicate that safety along the corridor can be improved by changing the lane configuration of the road.  The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will be implementing changes this spring that consist of reconfiguring lanes around the square and reconfiguration from the current four lanes to one northbound and one southbound lane along with a center turning lane north of the square.  The new configurations extend to KY 1357 (St. John Road).   The increased lane width provided by the new design will create better spacing between vehicles and improve visibility for left-turning vehicles.   It will allow for a greater margin of driver error, reducing the number of side-swipe collisions and angle collisions through the section.  These improvements will provide motorists with better traffic flow and safer access to businesses along the corridor.   Additional signage, rumble strips, signal timing adjustments and other improvements will also be included with the project.
Project Development Engineer, John Moore from the Cabinet’s Department of Highways District Four Office in Elizabethtown says, “We’ve been considering improvement options for this section of road for some time.  High property values and complications of utilities make it unrealistic to acquire additional right-of-way for widening.  The most feasible option the US 31W Lane Diet Study suggests is to change the configuration.”
Along with the lane changes, other improvements will also be added.  Chief District Engineer, Patty Dunaway added, “The section is budgeted to be resurfaced later in the year.  The restriping of driving lanes ahead of putting down a new surface will allow us to identify any unforeseen trouble areas that might need to be addressed.”
District officials met with Elizabethtown officials on Friday to discuss the changes and plan on presenting a project overview at Tuesday night’s city council meeting. 
Restriping will be completed this spring.   The resurfacing portion of the project will likely get underway early summer.  The work is projected to be complete before the beginning of the school year.
Links below will allow downloading of more project details:
Additional questions and comments may be directed to Chris Jessie, Public Information Officer for the Department of Highways District 4, Elizabethtown.
Phone:  270.766.5066