Laurel County - KY 363-KY 1006 Roundabout

An innovative solution befitting a progressive community

As London's developed areas have expanded into what were once vast stretches of farmland, the four-way stop at the intersection of KY 363 and KY 1006 has faded into obsolescence. With the I-75/KY 192 interchange to the west, the KY 192 retail corridor to the north, churches and schools to the east and industrial businesses to the south, the overloaded intersection has become a point of frustration for residents and a sound reason to avoid the area at times of peak traffic flow.

This $3 million project will result in the construction of an efficient roundabout-style intersection. Popular in major cities throughout the country, the roundabout eliminates the stop condition and allows traffic to flow without interruption. Backups that currently stretch for half a mile or more will be eliminated, and the potential for T-bone accidents at the intersection will be drastically reduced.


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