Laurel County - U.S. 25 North Leg

Congestion relief for today and tomorrow 

Explosive growth along the U.S. 25 corridor south of its junction with KY 192 has resulted in near daily gridlock as motorists converge on the myriad businesses as well as neighboring South Laurel High/Middle School and the London-Corbin Airport.

This $16 million project will endeavor to relieve the congestion and improve the route's viability for years to come through the implementation of several strategies. Some portions will be widened, some of the existing traffic will be diverted onto alternative routes and access control measures will consolidate entrances and exits to improve ingress and egress to businesses.

Improvements are planned to encompass the entirety of U.S. 25 between London and North Corbin. This project, known as the North Leg, includes the points between KY 229 and KY 1006; the South Leg section, which does not have construction funding at present, would include points between KY 1006 and U.S. 25E.