Budget and Fiscal Management

Mission Statement

To formulate sound fiscal policy and to provide program guidance for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet through responsible budgeting and fiscal management.

General Information

The Office of Budget and Fiscal Management (OBFM) serves as the Cabinet’s Chief Financial Office.  OBFM is responsible for: developing and administering KYTC’s budget; assisting management with specialized statistical reports for decision making and planning in regards to agency programs and financial affairs; providing direction for budgeting, cash management, and accounting; tracking and reviewing pending legislation and activities of local and federal governments for any budgetary or programmatic impact on the Cabinet; and providing management with independent appraisals of KYTC’s operations and controls in order to determine sound fiscal management.

OBFM comprises of two Divisions: Accounts and Purchases

Annual Financial Reports

Annual Financial Reports  are provided by the Division of Accounts to report current and historical revenues and expenditures for each Fiscal Year.  Current and historical Annual Financial Reports can be found HERE.

Annual Transportation Budget Information


Commonwealth of Kentucky Budget Bill

​For a complete Budget of the Commonwealth:  Office of State Budget Director

Biennial Transportation Budget Bill

For KYTC's current and past Budget Bills: 

2016General Assembly House Bill 10General Assembly House Bill 10.pdf
2016General Assembly House Bill 304General Assembly House Bill 304.pdf
2014General Assembly House Bill 236General Assembly House Bill 236.pdf

KYTC Funding and Appropriations

Understanding where KYTC funding comes from and how it is appropriated: 

20172016-2017 Transportation Budget2016-2017 Transportation Budget.pdf
20162015-2016 Transportation Budget2015-2016 Transportation Budget.pdf
20152014-2015 Transportation Budget2014-2015 Transportation Budget.pdf
20142013-2014 Transportation Budget2013-2014 Transportation Budget.pdf
20132012-2013 Transportation Budget2012-2013 Transportation Budget.pdf
20122011-2012 Transportation Budget2011-2012 Transportation Budget.pdf
20112010-2011 Transportation Budget2010-2011 Transportation Budget.pdf
20102009-2010 Transportation Budget2009-2010 Transportation Budget.pdf
20092008-2009 Transportation Budget2008-2009 Transportation Budget.pdf
20082007-2008 Transportation Budget2007-2008 Transportation Budget.pdf
20072006-2007 Transportation Budget2006-2007 Transportation Budget.pdf

Gas Tax Information

Comparing Kentucky's gasoline tax to surrounding states:
2015Comparison of Gas Tax (Oct 2015)
2014Comparison of Gas Tax (July 2014)

Monthly Tax Receipts Reports

Tax receipt reports are provided by the Office of State Budget Director.  For current and historical tax receipts: Office of State Budget Director
Office of Budget and Fiscal Management
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