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 Tools to Develop a Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan





2015-2017 State Collaborative Workshops for Pedestrian & Bicycling Planning

Pedestrian Planning Workshop_ Level 1 workshop.pptxPedestrian Planning Workshop_ Level 1 workshop.pptx

Pedestrian and Bicycling Travel Planning Workshop level 2 5.0.pptxPedestrian and Bicycling Travel Planning Workshop level 2 5.0.pptx


Attendee lists for Winter 2015 Workshops

Workshop I.pdfWorkshop I.pdf

workshop II.pdfworkshop II.pdf



America Walks-Presentation.pptAmerica Walks-Presentation.ppt

America Walks-Presentation-Funding-Sources.pptAmerica Walks-Presentation-Funding-Sources.ppt

Project for Public Spaces Presentation.pptxProject for Public Spaces Presentation.pptx

               Bicycle and pedestrian safety with rumble strips and stripes.pptxBicycle and pedestrian safety with rumble strips and stripes.pptx 


 Sample Survey: Survey _ Sample.docxSurvey _ Sample.docx

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The Bicycle & Pedestrian Program of the Federal Highway Administration's

Map showing where bicyclists, runners and walkers travel. This may represent a small percentage of actual travel

Strava Heat Map.jpg 

            Crowd-sourced, interactive map resulting from individual bicyclists volunteering to upload GPS information as they ride.  While not a record of every route used, it provides an indication of the bicycle traffic in an area.


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