Heritage Spotlights
Spotlight No. 1
Ribbon of History
The Maysville to Lexington Road
A. Gwynn Henderson and Nancy O’Malley


Spotlight No. 2
Early Inns and Homes
Along the Maysville to Lexington Trace
A. Gwynn Henderson and Nancy O’Malley

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Heritage Spotlight
Adena: Woodland Period Moundbuilders of the Bluegrass
A. Gwynn Henderson and Eric J. Schlarb

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Heritage Spotlight
A Context of the Railroad Industry in Clark County and Statewide Kentucky
Mathia N. Scherer, Tim W. Sullivan, Kathryn McGrath, Anne Tobbe Bader, Sara Deurelll, and Michelle Massey

RR Context Image.jpg

Heritage Spotlight No. 5
Uncovering the Lives of Kentucky's Enslaved People
M. Jay Stottman and Lori C. Stahlgren

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Heritage Spotlight
The Historic Resources of the Louisville and Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project

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