Traffic Operations Memos
​Traffic Operations memos are supplemental policy to the Traffic Operations Guidance Manual, which provides uniformity in the operation of the Division of Traffic Operations and its relationship with other units of the Cabinet.
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Traffic 01-10.PDFTraffic 01-102/4/20102/4/2010Traffic Operations Memo 01-10
List of roadways eligible for raised pavement marker installation and maintenance in the state of Kentucky.
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Signing for High-Water Conditions.PDFSigning for High-Water Conditions3/20/20123/20/2012Signing for High-Water Conditions
Modifications for signing of high-water conditions
Procedures for Electrical Devices and Plans.pdfProcedures for Electrical Devices and Plans10/31/201210/31/2012Highway Design Memo No. 03-12, Traffic Operations Memo No. 01-12
Procedures for handling requests for electrical devices and associated plans on highway projects
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Work Zone Traffic Control (TO-808).PDFWork Zone Traffic Control (TO-808)7/31/20137/31/2013Work Zone Traffic Control (TO-808)
Policy addressing issues associated with work zone traffic control
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