JARC and New Freedom Award Listings
Job Access and Reverse Commute (​JARC) Program Award Listings
The purpose of JARC (Job Access and Reverse Commute) Program is to provide financial assistance for projects benefiting low-income individuals to access work and work-related opportunities and to transport residents of urbanized areas and non-urbanized areas, regardless of income, to suburban employment opportunities.  Find out more about the JARC Program.


JARC Award Notice FFY12 RURAL.pdfJARC Award Notice FFY12 RURAL2012
JARC Award Notice FFY11 RURAL.pdfJARC Award Notice FFY11 RURAL2011
JARC Award Notice FFY10 KY37X007 RURAL.pdfJARC Award Notice FFY10 KY37X007 RURAL2010
JARC Award Notice FFY09 KY37X007 RURAL.pdfJARC Award Notice FFY09 KY37X007 RURAL2009
JARC Award Notice FFY08 KY37X007 RURAL.pdfJARC Award Notice FFY08 KY37X007 RURAL2008
JARC Award Notice FFY07 KY37X007 RURAL.pdfJARC Award Notice FFY07 KY37X007 RURAL2007
JARC Award Notice FFY06 KY37X007 RURAL.pdfJARC Award Notice FFY06 KY37X007 RURAL2006


JARC Award Notice KY 37X012-02.pdfJARC Award Notice KY 37X012-02FY12
JARC KY 37-X009-01.pdfJARC KY 37-X009-012012
JARC Award Notice FFY09 KY37X012-01.pdfJARC Award Notice FFY09 KY37X012-012009
JARC Award Notice FFY08 KY 37X012-00.pdfJARC Award Notice FFY08 KY 37X012-002008
JARC Award Notice FFY07 KY 37X009-00.pdfJARC Award Notice FFY07 KY 37X009-002007
JARC Award Notice FFY06 KY 37X008-00.pdfJARC Award Notice FFY06 KY 37X008-002006
SMP - Ch. 2 Overview of Transit Programs.pdfSMP - Ch. 2 Overview of Transit Programs
Federal Grant Application Letter FY2016.pdfFederal Grant Application Letter FY2016
Section 5303 Federal Grant Application Letter - SFY2016 (July 2015 - June 2016).pdfSection 5303 Federal Grant Application Letter - SFY2016 (July 2015 - June 2016)
Section 5304 Federal Grant Application Letter - SFY2016 (July 2015 - June 2016).pdfSection 5304 Federal Grant Application Letter - SFY2016 (July 2015 - June 2016)
SMP Form Phase II.pdfSMP Form Phase II

​New Freedom Initiative Award Listings
The New Freedom Program provides financial assistance for projects that support new public transportation services and public transportation alternatives beyond those required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. Find out more about the New Freedom Initiative.
New Freedom 5317 FY 07-08-09  KY Small Urban KY57X003.pdfNew Freedom 5317 FY 07-08-09 KY Small Urban KY57X003MultipleSmall Urban
NEW FREEDOM Award  FFY11-FFY12.pdfNEW FREEDOM Award FFY11-FFY122011,2012Rural
New Freedom Award Notices FFY06-FY07-FY08-FY09-FY10.pdfNew Freedom Award Notices FFY06-FY07-FY08-FY09-FY102006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010Rural
New Freedom Award Notices FFY06-FY07-FY08-FY09.pdfNew Freedom Award Notices FFY06-FY07-FY08-FY092006, 2007, 2008, 2009Small Urban
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