Design Services Branch Standards and Tools
Below are Standards and Tools used in the design of Traffic Signals and Roadway Lighting.
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CADD Standards and Traffic Operations Cell Library
The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet uses Microstation Version 8 for all design plans. All plans must comply with the standards set forth by the Division of Highway Design. The links below provide access to these standards and a cell library for use in all Traffic Signal and Roadway Lighting plans.

KYTC CADD Standards Information
Traffic Operations Design Services Signal & Lighting Cell Library 2015 (.cel)
KYTC Supplied Traffic Signal Equipment/Estimate spreadsheet
The Division of Traffic Operations supplies several items for Traffic Singal installations. For accounting purposes, an install list must accompany all Traffic Signal plans. Below are downloadable Excel spreadsheets that list each KYTC supplied item. The Estimate spreadsheet is what Traffic Design Services uses to estimate projects.
2015 Signal and Lighting Estimate 9-3-2015.xlsx2015 Signal and Lighting Estimate 9-3-20151/8/2016 1:31 PM
Permit Install Items 8-13-2015.xlsPermit Install Items 8-13-20158/13/2015 10:01 AM
Project Install Items 8-13-2015.xlsProject Install Items 8-13-20158/13/2015 10:01 AM
Traffic Signal and Roadway Lighting Standard Detail Sheets
The Division of Traffic Operations has developed Standard Detail Sheets for inclusion in Traffic Signal and Roadway Lighting plans. Below are links to the Standard Detail Sheets and a list for the order in which they are to be inserted into a plan set.​
expand Category : Bid Item Notes for Lighting & Signals ‎(2)
Lighting Bid Item Notes.docLighting Bid Item Notes9/20/2012 1:03 PM
expand Category : Roadway Lighting Standard Detail Sheets ‎(25)
02-Quantity Sheet (SU) lighting 8-5-2015.dgn02-Quantity Sheet (SU) lighting 8-5-20151/8/2016 1:21 PM
03 08-HM Low Device (HM).dgn03 08-HM Low Device (HM)5/25/2012 11:47 AM
03-Cobrafuse (CL).dgn03-Cobrafuse (CL)1/8/2016 1:23 PM
04 09-HM Base (HM).dgn04 09-HM Base (HM)7/23/2012 9:02 AM
04-Shepcrookfuse (CL).dgn04-Shepcrookfuse (CL)6/23/2014 8:17 AM
05 10-HM Pole (HM).dgn05 10-HM Pole (HM)5/25/2012 11:49 AM
05-Vectorfuse (CL).dgn05-Vectorfuse (CL)5/25/2012 11:50 AM
06 07 11-Junction Box (JB).dgn06 07 11-Junction Box (JB)1/8/2016 1:23 PM
06-Tformer Base (CL).dgn06-Tformer Base (CL)7/13/2012 1:58 PM
07 08-Barrier Wall (BW).dgn07 08-Barrier Wall (BW)6/4/2012 12:22 PM
07 09 12-Service (SE).dgn07 09 12-Service (SE)1/8/2016 1:24 PM
08 10 13-Service Base (SE).dgn08 10 13-Service Base (SE)1/8/2016 1:25 PM
expand Category : Standard Detail Sheet Order ‎(2)
updates.docupdates7/13/2012 2:27 PM
expand Category : Traffic Signal Standard Detail Sheets ‎(23)
02-Quantity Sheet (SU) revised 2-2-2016.pdf02-Quantity Sheet (SU) revised 2-2-20162/2/2016 3:47 PM
03-Cabinet Base (CA).pdf03-Cabinet Base (CA)1/8/2016 1:22 PM
04-Loops (LP).pdf04-Loops (LP)7/13/2012 2:09 PM
05-Ped Detector (PO).pdf05-Ped Detector (PO)7/13/2012 2:10 PM
06-Ped Signal Countdown (PO).pdf06-Ped Signal Countdown (PO)6/23/2014 8:17 AM
07-Poles (PO).pdf07-Poles (PO)1/8/2016 1:25 PM
08-Mast Arm Mono (MA).pdf08-Mast Arm Mono (MA)1/8/2016 1:25 PM
09-Junction Box (JB).pdf09-Junction Box (JB)1/8/2016 1:26 PM
10-Conduit (SP).pdf10-Conduit (SP)7/13/2012 2:09 PM
19-Blankout Sign (SP).pdf19-Blankout Sign (SP)5/12/2011 1:02 PM
21-Antenna (RA).pdf21-Antenna (RA)7/13/2012 2:05 PM

- Steel Strain Pole Analysis -
Calculates the required strengths for Steel Strain Poles, Steel Mast Arm Poles, and Steel Highmast Poles based upon the AASHTO Standard Specifications for Structural Supports for Highway Signs, Luminaires, and Traffic Signals, 2009 Edition.

 New Webapp for SALSA is now available: All users will need to request login/password. Please email Ted Swansegar for access. After prequalification for Electrical design is verified a login/password will be sent to the user.

Signal and Lighting Tutorial for project design

 These documents will show the consultant the step by step process that the KYTC designers follow to get Signal\Lighting design from the start of a project to the final submittal to Construction Procurement.  It also will show some detailed steps for the actual design process.

 ​Signal Plan Preparation Tutorial 2013.docx

Lighting Plan Preparation Tutorial 2013.docx

Conduit Sizing Calculator
Calculates the required conduit sized based upon number and type of wires/cables to be installed.
Online Version
conduit sizing.xlsconduit sizing9/1/2011 5:15 PM
Pole Base Volume Calculator
Calculates pole base volumes based upon diameter and depth.​
polebasevolumecalculator.xlspolebasevolumecalculator5/12/2011 1:11 PM

 Lighting Software


​Authorizes programs to use for Lighting Layout

Lighting Analysts illumination engineering software (AGi32)- The photometric design should be a change to a 3D design.  For typical design see tutorial above.


 Standards and Tools Updates

Standard changes

02-Quantity Sheet (SU) revised

All signal standards​

Added updated standards, estimate, cell library

​Quantity sheet- lighting/signal

cabinet base detail

cobrafuse detail

junction box detail - lighting/signal

service- pole/base 

poles- signal

mast arm mono

Signal and Lighting estimate

All lighting Standards

All Signal Standards

kytc traffic cell library

updated Permit and project install lists
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