KYTC District MS4 Coordinator Resources
​          Other Resources
Kentucky Division of Water

​Commonwealth Water Education Project (CWEP). A public education website developed to educate Kentuckians on the dangers and sources of non-point source pollution. Public Service Announcements for television, radio and print are available for public use.



Kentucky Watersheds.

​Basic information.

Kentucky River Basins Assessment Reports.

​ Contains interactive maps.

Watershed Viewer.

​Links to a clickable basin map. More detailed information is revealed by “zooming” into the map (with the “magnifying glass”) or you can click on your county to download your county map.


Kentucky Stormwater.

​MS4 information.

KY Watersheds.

​Surf your watershed.

Kentucky Watershed Watch.

​Watershed project information for volunteers.

River Basins and Coordinators.

​Basin Coordinators are members of a network of watershed specialists, working for and in partnership with various agencies, under the banner of the Kentucky Watershed Management framework. Their job is to serve as facilitators for coordinating agency activities and as a point of contact for local organizations interested in addressing clean water issues in your basin. Also see for more information.

KyTC Environmental Handbook – Fact Sheets
KyTC Environmental Handbook – Appendix 7 – 14
KyTC Environmental Handbook – Appendix 15 – 19
KYTC Environmental Handbook Update November 2008
KPDES Permit and Environmental Viewer April 2007
MEMO to Maintenance Personnel: Environmental Viewer
Kentucky BMP Technical Manual


DOW/KEPSC Field Guide