Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) Book

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Federal Projects with Mods and Amendments Fed Funds Obligation Tracking CURRENT.xlsFederal Projects with Mods and Amendments Fed Funds Obligation Tracking CURRENT
Exhibit A-1.pdfExhibit A-1State Certification Letters
Exhibit A-2.pdfExhibit A-2Public Participation Process
Exhibit A-3.pdfExhibit A-3Public Participation Documents & Comments
Exhibit A-4.pdfExhibit A-4Air Quality Conformity for Maintenance Areas
Exhibit A-5.pdfExhibit A-5STIP Projects Federal & State Funded
Exhibit A-6.pdfExhibit A-6Safe Routes to School Projects
Exhibit A-7.pdfExhibit A-7Transportation Enhancement Projects
Exhibit A-8.pdfExhibit A-8CMAQ
Exhibit A-9.pdfExhibit A-9Public Transportation (Transit) Projects
Exhibit A-10.pdfExhibit A-10Aviation Improvements
Exhibit A-11.pdfExhibit A-11Recreational Trails Projects
Appendix B.pdfAppendix BMetropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Financial Plans
Appendix C.pdfAppendix CGlossary of Transportation Terms & Abbreviations
Appendix D.pdfAppendix DImportant Addresses & Phone Numbers

Amendments & Modifcations by Project

CMAQ Projects with Mods and Amendments.xlsCMAQ Projects with Mods and Amendments
Federal Projects with Mods and Amendments.xlsFederal Projects with Mods and Amendments
Federal Projects with Mods and Amendments Federal Funds Obligation Tracking CURRENT.xlsFederal Projects with Mods and Amendments Federal Funds Obligation Tracking CURRENT
Public Transit Projects with Mods and Amendments.xlsPublic Transit Projects with Mods and Amendments
Recreational Trails with Mods and Amendments.xlsRecreational Trails with Mods and Amendments
Safe Routes to School projects with Mods and Amendments.xlsSafe Routes to School projects with Mods and Amendments
Transportation Enhancement projects with Mods and Amendments.xlsTransportation Enhancement projects with Mods and Amendments

Amendments & Modifcations

STIP Amendment 2010.001.PDFSTIP Amendment 2010.001Approving Clarksville MPO's new TIP
STIP Mod 2010.001.PDFSTIP Mod 2010.001Knox Co  11-1075  Bridge Replacement
STIP Amendment 2010.002.PDFSTIP Amendment 2010.002KIPDA's new TIP FY 2011-FY 2015
STIP Mod 2010.002.PDFSTIP Mod 2010.002Hopkins Co  2-8633  Upgrade Interchange
STIP Mod 2010.003.PDFSTIP Mod 2010.003Daviess Co  2-167  KY81/KY56/Worthington Rd Roundabout
STIP Amendment 2010.003.PDFSTIP Amendment 2010.003Owensboro MPO's new TIP and Administrative Mod 2010.090 to their new TIP
STIP Mod 2010.004.PDFSTIP Mod 2010.004Wolfe/Morgan/Magoffin  10-126.03  Widen Mountain Parkway
STIP Amendment 2010.004.PDFSTIP Amendment 2010.004Approval of OKI's FY 2012-2015 TIP
STIP Mod 2010.005.PDFSTIP Mod 2010.005Lexington MPO  7-224.51  Clays Mill Rd/Lextran
STIP Amendment 2010.005.PDFSTIP Amendment 2010.005Bowling Green MPO's new TIP
STIP Mod 2010.006.PDFSTIP Mod 2010.006Louisville MPO  5-286  Blankenbaker Pkwy
STIP Mod 2010.007.PDFSTIP Mod 2010.007Carroll Co  6-3022  Modify TE Project List
STIP Mod 2010.008.PDFSTIP Mod 2010.008Hardin Co  4-8103.11  US 31W Bypass
STIP Mod 2010.009.PDFSTIP Mod 2010.009Radcliff/Elizabethtown MPO  TACK Projects
STIP Mod 2010.010.PDFSTIP Mod 2010.01099-392  UK Academy for Community Transportation Innovation
STIP Mod 2010.011.PDFSTIP Mod 2010.011Various  5 Federal Projects EFLHD
STIP Mod 2010.012.PDFSTIP Mod 2010.012Various  Reliability Projects
STIP Mod 2010.013.PDFSTIP Mod 2010.013Louisville MPO  TARC;  5-2055  I-265
STIP Mod 2010.014.PDFSTIP Mod 2010.014Lexington MPO  7-398  KY169/Clays Ferry Bridge
STIP Mod 2010.015.PDFSTIP Mod 2010.015OKI  6-2032/6-2033/6-2034  I-75 Resurfacing
STIP Mod 2010.016.PDFSTIP Mod 2010.016OKI  Include Projects in Boone, Kenton, Campbell
STIP Mod 2010.017.PDFSTIP Mod 2010.017OKI  Modify Projects in Boone, Campbell, Kenton
STIP Mod 2010.018.PDFSTIP Mod 2010.018OKI  Add 2 Recreational Trail Projects to TIP
STIP Mod 2010.019.PDFSTIP Mod 2010.019BG-Warren Co MPO  Transit Projects
STIP Mod 2010.020.PDFSTIP Mod 2010.020Ashland MPO  Modify TIP & MTP Projects
STIP Mod 2010.021.PDFSTIP Mod 2010.021Louisville MPO  5-470  One-way to Two-way Streets
STIP Mod 2010.022.PDFSTIP Mod 2010.022Various  ARRA TIGER Projects
STIP Mod 2010.023.PDFSTIP Mod 2010.023Various  Modify Funding Amounts
STIP Mod 2010.024.PDFSTIP Mod 2010.024Statewide Rural Areas  Kentucky Public Transportation  Transit Project
STIP Mod 2010.025.PDFSTIP Mod 2010.025Lyon/Caldwell/Hopkins  2-2057  W.H. Ford Pkwy (Design)
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