Federal Aid System

Federal Aid System (FAS) highways are eligible for Surface Transportation (STP) funds & federal highway funds. Roads not included in this list are not normally eligible. 

This page is divided into State and Non-State road listings. To filter a list, hover over a column heading, click the down arrow, and choose your selection. To view compete lists, visit the State page or the Non-State page.

Adair1District 8001-KY-0055  -00009.68KY0107FROM RUSSELL COUNTY LINE TO KY 55X/KY6177
Adair1District 8001-KY-0055  -0009.6821.305KY0102FROM KY 55X/KY 6177 TO TAYLOR COUNTY LINE
Adair1District 8001-KY-0055X -00003.025KY0106FROM KY 55 (COLUMBIA BYPASS) TO KY 55 (COLUMBIA BYPASS)
Adair1District 8001-KY-0061  -00000.131KY0106From Cumberland County line to Metcalfe County line
Adair1District 8001-KY-0061  -0000.13112.372KY0106FROM METCALFE COUNTY LINE TO KY 55/KY 80
Adair1District 8001-KY-0061  -00012.37219.904KY0106FROM KY 55/KY 439 TO GREEN COUNTY LINE
Adair1District 8001-KY-0076  -00012.20314.452KY0107From KY 551 to Taylor Co line
Adair1District 8001-KY-0080  -000011.788KY0107From Metcalfe County line to KY 61 South
Adair1District 8001-KY-0080  -00011.78813.055KY0106From KY 61 (Greensburg Road) via Burkesville Street to KY 55 (Courthouse Square) in Columbia
Adair1District 8001-KY-0080  -00013.05522.831KY0107From KY 55 to Russell County line
Adair1District 8001-KY-0206  -000011.428KY0107From KY 55 in Columbia to KY 76
Adair1District 8001-KY-0551  -000011.941KY0107From KY 55 to KY 76
Adair1District 8001-KY-2287  -0000.7041.818KY0107FROM KY 80 TO KY 61
Adair1District 8001-LN-9008  -00036.15957.791LN0102From Metcalfe County line to Russell County line
Boyd10District 1010-I -0064  -000180.812191.507I0101From Carter County line to West Virginia State line
Boyd10District 1010-KY-0003  -000014.217KY0107From Lawrence County line to US 23
Boyd10District 1010-KY-0005  -000010.334KY0107FROM US 60 TO GREENUP COUNTY LINE
Boyd10District 1010-KY-0005  -00010.33410.781KY0107FROM GREENUP COUNTY LINE TO US 23
Boyd10District 1010-KY-0067  -00000.845KY0102INDUSTRIAL PARKWAYFrom Greenup County line to Greenup County line
Boyd10District 1010-KY-0168  -00008.179KY0116PAUL F PURVIS ROADFrom US 23 (Walnut St) in Catlettsburg to US 23 (Ashland Greenup Rd)
Boyd10District 1010-KY-0180  -00000.637KY0107From KY 3 to South Limits of I 64 Interchange
Boyd10District 1010-KY-0180  -0000.6371.361KY0102From I 64 eastbound ramps to KY 3291/North Big Run Road
Boyd10District 1010-KY-0180  -0001.3612.514KY0114From KY 3291/North Big Run Road to US 60/KY 3294
Boyd10District 1010-KY-0538  -00003.219KY0107SHOPES CREEK RDFROM US 60 TO KY 3294
Boyd10District 1010-KY-0716  -00001.565KY0117MOLSRUGER ROADFrom US 60 (Purple Heart Hwy) to KY 3293 (Little Garner Road)
Boyd10District 1010-KY-0766  -00002.044KY0117POORHOUSE ROADFrom  KY 3292 (Roberts Drive) to US 60
Boyd10District 1010-KY-1012  -00003.036KY0117BOY SCOUT ROADFROM US 60 (13TH STREET) TO KY 168
Boyd10District 1010-KY-1134  -00000.897KY0117WINSLOW-SUMMIT ROADFROM KY 766 (DONNEY ROAD) TO US 60
Boyd10District 1010-KY-3292  -00001.223KY0117WINSLOW-SUMMIT ROADFROM KY 716 (SUMMIT ROAD) TO KY 766 (MCCULLOUGH ROAD)
Boyd10District 1010-US-0023  -000010.598US0102FROM LAWRENCE COUNTY TO I-64
Boyd10District 1010-US-0023  -00010.59820.938US0114FROM I-64 TO GREENUP COUNTY LINE
Boyd10District 1010-US-0023S -00000.483US0114From US 60 (Winchester Avenue) via 13th Street Bridge to north end of bridge over the Ohio River 0.083 miles beyond the Ohio State line
Boyd10District 1010-US-0023S -00100.483US0114MARTIN LUTHER KING BLVD.From north end of bridge over the Ohio River 0.083 miles beyond the Ohio State line via Martin Luther King Blvd. to US 60 (Winchester Avenue)
Boyd10District 1010-US-0023X -00001.551US0114WINCHESTER AVE-COUPLETFROM US 23 TO US 23S/US 60
Boyd10District 1010-US-0023X -0001.5511.796US0114WINCHESTER AVE-COUPLETFrom US 60 (11th Street) to US 23 (Greenup Avenue)
Boyd10District 1010-US-0060  -00004.023US0107FROM CARTER COUNTY LINE TO KY 180
Boyd10District 1010-US-0060  -0004.02312.409US0114KY 180FROM KY 180 TO US 23 (GREENUP AVENUE)
Boyd10District 1010-US-0060  -00012.40912.88US011635TH STREETFrom US 23 (Court St) to east end of bridge over the Big Sandy River 0.178 miles beyond the West Virginia State line
Boyd10District 1010-US-0060  -00111.73912.217US011412TH STREETFROM US 23X (WINCHESTER AVENUE) VIA MARTIN LUTHER KING BLVD. TO US 60 EB (13TH STREET)
Boyd10District 1010-US-0060  -00212.3612.409US011410TH STREETFROM US 23 (GREENUP AVENUE) VIA 10TH STREET TO US 23X (WINCHESTER AVENUE)
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-0039  -00000.286KY0116FROM KY 1247 TO KY 80B
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-0039  -0000.2860.738KY0117FROM KY 80B TO NUL NEAR EAST SOMERSET CHURCH RD
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-0070  -00001.695KY0107From Casey County line to Lincoln County line
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-0070  -0001.69513.814KY0107From Lincoln County line to Rockcastle County line
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-0080  -000016.462KY0107FROM CASEY COUNTY LINE TO KY 914 JUNCTION
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-0080  -00016.46217.761KY0102FROM KY 914 DISJUNCTION TO WUL OF SOMERSET AT KY 1225
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-0080  -00017.76118.846KY0114FROM WUL OF SOMERSET AT KY 1225 TO US 27
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-0080  -00018.84621.161KY0114FROM US 27 TO KY 80X
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-0080  -00021.16121.485KY0114FROM KY 80X TO EUL OF SOMERSET
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-0080  -00021.48539.682KY0102From EUL of Somerset to Laurel County line
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-0080C -00000.289KY0102
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-0080X -00001.339KY0106FROM CASEY COUNTY LINE TO WUL OF SOMERSET AT KY 1225
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-0080X -0001.3395.124KY0116FROM WUL OF SOMERSET AT KY 1225 TO KY 80 (LONDON ROAD)
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-0080X -0013.6533.712KY0116FROM KY 80X TO KY 80X
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-0090  -00004.136KY0106From Wayne County line to US 27
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-0192  -000018.55KY0107FROM KY 80 TO THE LAUREL COUNTY LINE
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-0461  -00008.441KY0102From KY 80 to Rockcastle County line
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-0635  -00008.201KY0107From KY 70 to US 27
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-0769  -0008.5999.765KY0117BUCK CREEK ROADFROM SEUL OF SOMERSET TO KY 80 (MOUNT VERNON STREET)
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-0914  -000013.301KY0102KY 914FROM BRIDGE OVER LOUIE B NUNN PARKWAY TO KY 80
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-1225  -00000.256KY0116FROM KY 80X TO KY 80
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-1247  -00003.95KY0102FROM US 27 TO KY 914
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-1247  -0003.957.253KY0116FROM KY 914 TO KY 80B
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-1247  -0007.2539.248KY0117FROM KY 80B TO NUL SOMERSET
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-1575  -00001.151KY0117UNIVERSITY AVENUEFROM KY 2227 (STANFORD ROAD) TO KY 39
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-1577  -00002.33KY0107FROM KY 1642 TO KY 914
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-1577  -0002.334.395KY0116FROM KY 914 TO KY 2292
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-1642  -0004.6216.035KY0117PARKERS MILL ROADFrom US 27 (Burnside Road) to KY 914
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-2227  -00000.646KY0117FROM US 27 TO NUL OF SOMERSET
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-2292  -00002.361KY0116FROM US 27 TO KY 1247
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-2296  -00000.583KY0117COLLEGE STREETFrom KY 80 (Mount Vernon Street) to KY 39 (Crab Orchard Road)
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-3057  -00001.582KY0117FROM KY 914 TO KY 1247
Pulaski100District 1100-KY-3091  -00000.363KY0117FROM US 27  TO NWUL OF SOMERSET
Pulaski100District 1100-US-0027  -000010.229US0102From McCreary County line to SUL of Somerset
Pulaski100District 1100-US-0027  -00010.22917.841US0114From SUL of Somerset to NUL of Somerset
Pulaski100District 1100-US-0027  -00017.84130.869US0102From NUL of Somerset to Lincoln County line
Robertson101District 1101-KY-0165  -00009.543KY0107FROM US 68 TO US 62
Robertson101District 1101-KY-0165  -0009.54316.378KY0107FROM US 62 TO BRACKEN COUNTY LINE
Robertson101District 1101-US-0062  -000015.427US0107From Harrison County line to Mason County Line
Robertson101District 1101-US-0068  -00001.357US0102From Nicholas County line to Fleming County line
Rockcastle102District 1102-I -0075  -00050.76773.408I0101From Laurel County line to Madison County line
Rockcastle102District 1102-KY-0070  -00006.566KY0107From Pulaski County line to US 150
Rockcastle102District 1102-KY-0461  -00009.404KY0102From Pulaski County line to US 25
Rockcastle102District 1102-US-0025  -000011.764US0107FROM LAUREL COUNTY LINE TO I-75
Rockcastle102District 1102-US-0025  -00011.76415.018US0106FROM I-75 TO KY 461
Rockcastle102District 1102-US-0025  -00015.01815.797US0102FROM KY 461 TO I-75
Rockcastle102District 1102-US-0025  -00015.79727.052US0107I-75 TO MADISON COUNTY LINE
Rockcastle102District 1102-US-0150  -000010.564US0106From Lincoln County line to US 25 in Mount Vernon
Rockcastle102District 1102-US-0421  -00000.483US0106From Jackson County line to Madison County line
Rowan103District 1103-I -0064  -000128.955148.665I0101From Bath County line to Carter Co line
Rowan103District 1103-KY-0032  -00004.003KY0106FROM FLEMING COUNTY LINE TO CR 1362E (GUARDIAN AVENUE )
Rowan103District 1103-KY-0032  -0004.0038.439KY0114FROM CR 1362E (GUARDIAN AVENUE) TO US 60
Rowan103District 1103-KY-0032  -0008.43921.636KY0107FROM US 60 TO ELLOITT COUNTY LINE
Rowan103District 1103-KY-0173  -00003.883KY0107From Elliott County line to KY 32
Rowan103District 1103-KY-0377  -000015.339KY0107From KY 32 to Lewis County line
Rowan103District 1103-KY-0519  -000010KY0106FROM MORGAN CO LINE TO US 60
Rowan103District 1103-KY-0801  -000011.57KY0107From KY 519  to Bath County Line
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Boyd10District 1010-CR-1037  -00000.55CR0217ROBERTS DRFROM KY-1134 (WINSLOW AVE) TO BLEVINS ST
Boyd10District 1010-CR-1037  -0000.550.945CR0217ROBERTS DRFROM OLYMPIC DR TO COUNTY RD
Boyd10District 1010-CR-1040  -0000.551.612CR0217OLD BUCKLEY RDFrom CR 1045 (New Buckley Road) to CR 1044Y (Main Street Westwood Road)
Boyd10District 1010-CR-1044V -00000.603CR0217BELLEFONTE RDFrom KY 168 (Wheatley Rd) to CR 1046 (Hoods Creek Rd)
Boyd10District 1010-CR-1044Y -0000.0640.883CR0217MAIN STREET WESTWOOD RDFrom CR 1044V (Bellefonte Rd) to CR 1040 (Old Buckley Rd)
Boyd10District 1010-CR-1045  -00000.516CR0217NEW BUCKLEY RDFrom KY 5 (St Route 5) to CS-2341 (Roberts Dr)
Boyd10District 1010-CR-1045  -0000.5162.164CR0217NEW BUCKLEY RDFrom KY 5 (St Route 5) to CS-2341 (Roberts Dr)
Boyd10District 1010-CR-1046  -0000.5631.002CR0217HOODS CREEK RDFrom CR 1048X (Jane Hill Road) to CR 1044V (Bellefonte Rd)
Boyd10District 1010-CR-1048X -00000.435CR0217JANE HILL RDFrom KY 5 (Bellefonte Princess Rd) to CS-1046 (Hoods Creek Rd)
Boyd10District 1010-CS-2025  -00001.597CS0417BLACKBURN AVEFROM US 23 (WINCHESTER AVENUE) TO KY 168 (SOUTH BELMONT ST)
Boyd10District 1010-CS-2026  -0000.0631.864CS041629TH STFrom US 23 (Greenup Ave) to KY 168 (Blackburn Ave)
Boyd10District 1010-CS-2026  -0001.8643.785CS041729TH STFrom KY 168 (Blackburn Ave) to CS-2157 (Skyline Dr)
Boyd10District 1010-CS-2028  -00000.907CS0417BELMONT STFrom CS 2026 (29th Street) to CS 2025 (Blackburn Avenue)
Boyd10District 1010-CS-2157  -00000.298CS0417SKYLINE DRFrom KY 1012 (Boy Scout Road) to CS 2026 (29th Street)
Boyd10District 1010-CS-2341  -00000.098CS0417ROBERTS DRFROM BLEVINS ST TO OLYMPIC DR
Boyd10District 1010-CS-2341  -0000.0980.705CS0417ROBERTS DRFROM COUNTY RD TO KY 168 (BLACKBURN AVE)
Boyd10District 1010-CS-2349  -00000.651CS04166TH STFrom KY 168 (Blackburn Ave) to CS-2350 (Central Ave)
Boyd10District 1010-CS-2350  -00001.571CS0417CENTRAL AVEFROM CR 1047D (WEST CENTRAL AVE) TO CS-2536 (22ND ST)
Boyd10District 1010-CS-2405  -00001.154CS0417OAKVIEW RDFrom US 60 (13th St) to KY 168 (Blackburn Ave)
Boyd10District 1010-CS-2406  -00000.304CS0417RAMEY STFrom CS 2405 (Oakview Rd) to US 60 (13th St)
Boyd10District 1010-CS-2492  -0000.071.281CS0416LEXINGTON AVEFrom US 60 (13th Street) to CS 2026 (29th Street)
Boyd10District 1010-CS-2536  -0000.0680.524CS041722ND STFrom CS 2492 (Lexington Avenue) to US 23 (Greenup Ave)
Boyd10District 1010-CS-2615  -00000.368CS0417FROM US 23 TO CR 1047D (WEST CENTRAL AVE)
Pulaski100District 1100-CR-1485  -00000.474CR0217BOURBON RDFrom US 27 to WUL of Somerset-Ferguson
Pulaski100District 1100-CR-1485  -0000.4741.366CR0207BOURBON RDFROM WUL OF SOMERSET-FERGUSON TO KY 914
Pulaski100District 1100-CS-1056  -00000.325CS0417BARNETT STFROM KY 80B TO KY 80
Pulaski100District 1100-CS-1073  -00000.192CS0417EAST LIMESTONE STFrom KY 1247 to KY 2296 (College Street)
Pulaski100District 1100-CS-1089  -00000.223CS0417WEST LIMESTONE STFrom KY 80 to KY 1247
Pulaski100District 1100-CS-1113  -00000.482CS0417SOUTH CENTRAL AVEFrom CS-1147 (East Bourne Ave) to KY 80
Pulaski100District 1100-CS-1147  -00000.531CS0417EAST BOURNE AVEFrom CS-1113 (South Central Ave) to KY 769
Pulaski100District 1100-CS-1148  -00000.693CS0417BOURNE AVEFROM KY 1247 TO CS 1113 (SOUTH CENTRAL AVE)
Rowan103District 1103-CS-1032  -0000.6470.942CS0417FROM KY 32 TO CS 1163 (NORTH WILSON AVE)
Rowan103District 1103-CS-1033  -0000.5280.723CS0417FROM CS 1164 (BRIDGE STREET) TO CS 1163 (NORTH WILSON AVE)
Rowan103District 1103-CS-1058  -0000.0460.104CS0417BATTSON-OATES DRFrom CS-1064 (East Second St) to CS-1033 (East Main St)
Rowan103District 1103-CS-1064  -00000.186CS0417EAST SECOND STFrom CS-1163 (North Wilson Avenue) to CS-1058 (University Boulevard)
Rowan103District 1103-CS-1088  -00000.364CS0417WEST SECOND STFrom KY 32 (Flemingsburg Road) to CS-1163 (North Wilson Avenue)
Rowan103District 1103-CS-1164  -00000.097CS0417BRIDGE STFrom CS-1033 (East Main Street) to US 60
Scott105District 1105-CS-1010  -0000.3771.164CS0417LEMONS MILL RDFROM AVONDALE AVE/CLAYTON AVE JUNCTION TO US 62
Scott105District 1105-CS-1034  -00000.856CS0417PAYNES DEPOT RDFrom US 62 to US 460 (Frankfort Rd)
Scott105District 1105-CS-1148  -00000.616CS0417E WASHINGTON STFROM US 460 TO US 25
Shelby106District 1106-CR-1001  -00001.581CR0217BENSON PIKEFROM KY 55 TO KY 1871
Shelby106District 1106-CR-1200  -0000.4180.929CR0217OLD MOUNT EDEN RDFROM CR 1237 (OLD SEVEN MILE PIKE) TO CS 1122 (THIRD ST)
Shelby106District 1106-CR-1237  -00000.225CR0217OLD SEVEN MILE PIKEFROM KY 53 TO CR 1200 (OLD MOUNT EDEN RD)
Shelby106District 1106-CR-1308  -00000.64CR0217HARRINGTON MILL RDFROM KY 53 TO KY 55
Shelby106District 1106-CS-1001  -00000.364CS0417SEVENTH STFROM NUL SHELBYVILLE AT KY 2268 TO CS 1107 (HENRY CLAY STREET)
Shelby106District 1106-CS-1070  -00000.779CS0417KENTUCKY STFROM EUL SHELBYVILLE AT CR 1251 (KENTUCKY ST) TO CS 1102 (N TENTH ST)
Shelby106District 1106-CS-1102  -0000.2580.311CS0417MARTIN LUTHER KING JR STFROM US 60 WEST (WASHINGTON ST) TO US 60 EAST (MAIN ST)
Shelby106District 1106-CS-1102  -0000.3110.412CS0417N TENTH STFROM US 60 EAST (MAIN ST) TO CS 1070 (KENTUCKY ST)
Shelby106District 1106-CS-1107  -0000.1590.743CS0417HENRY CLAY STFROM CS 1102 (N TENTH ST) TO CS 1122 (THIRD ST)
Shelby106District 1106-CS-1122  -0000.0370.272CS0417THIRD STFROM US 60 WEST (WASHINGTON ST ) TO CR 1200 (OLD MOUNT EDEN RD)
Simpson107District 1107-CR-1054  -00001.535CR0217BROADWAYFrom US 31W (Bowling Green Road) at NUL of Franklin to KY 1171 (Blackjack Road)
Simpson107District 1107-CS-1048  -00000.983CS0417WITT ROADFrom KY 1008 (Bluegrass Road) to KY 383 (Springfield Road)
Taylor109District 1109-CR-1257  -00000.131CR0217EAST WALNUT STREETFrom CR-1503 (Industrial Drive) to City Limits near CS-1269 (Vaughn Street)
Taylor109District 1109-CR-1503  -00000.49CR0217INDUSTRIAL DRIVEFrom KY 658 (Roberts Road) to CR-1257 (East Walnut Street)
Taylor109District 1109-CS-1045  -00000.409CS0417CHEROKEE DRIVEFrom US 68 (East Broadway) to CS-1231 (Shawnee Drive)
Taylor109District 1109-CS-1083  -00000.241CS0417EAST WALNUT STREETFrom City Limits near CS-1269 (Vaughn Street) to KY 70 (South Central Avenue)
Taylor109District 1109-CS-1154  -00000.074CS0417LEBANON AVENUEFrom CS-1163 (East Main Street) to US 68 (East Broadway)
Taylor109District 1109-CS-1163  -0000.1070.343CS0417MAIN STREETFROM CS-1154 (LEBANON AVENUE) TO KY 3183 (SOUTH COLUMBIA AVENUE)
Taylor109District 1109-CS-1166  -00001.256CS0417FROM CS 1343 (SOUTH COLUMBIA AVE) TO KY 658
Taylor109District 1109-CS-1228  -00000.764CS0417MEADER STFROM SOUTH COLUMBIA AVE TO N BYPASS RD
Taylor109District 1109-CS-1231  -00000.439CS0417SHAWNEE DRIVEFrom KY 289 (Lebanon Avenue) to CS-1045 (Cherokee Drive)
Taylor109District 1109-CS-1343  -00001.609CS0417SOUTH COLUMBIA AVEFrom KY 55 (New Columbia Road) to KY 323 (West Main Street)
Taylor109District 1109-CS-1343  -0001.6091.99CS0417COLUMBIA AVENUEFROM KY 323 (MAIN STREET) TO MEADER ST
Boyle11District 1011-CS-1011  -00000.217CS0416NORTH 4TH STREETFrom US 127 (West Main Street) to CS-1080 (West Lexington Avenue)
Boyle11District 1011-CS-1080  -0000.2540.745CS0417WEST LEXINGTON AVENUEFrom US 127 (North Maple Avenue) to CS-1011 (North 4th Street)
Boyle11District 1011-CS-1080  -0000.7450.833CS0416WEST LEXINGTON AVENUEFrom CS-1011 (North 4th Street) to KY 33 (North 3rd Street)
Boyle11District 1011-CS-1143  -00000.078CS0417SOUTH MAPLE AVENUEFrom US 127 (West Main Street) to CS-1216 (West Walnut Street)
Boyle11District 1011-CS-1160  -00001.073CS0417SOUTH 2ND STREETFrom US 150 (West Main Street) to US 127 (Hustonville Road)
Boyle11District 1011-CS-1169  -00001.249CS0417BAUGHMAN AVENUEFrom US 127 (Hustonville Road) to CS-1185 (Gose Pike)
Boyle11District 1011-CS-1185  -00000.8CS0416GOSE PIKEFrom US 150 (Stanford Avenue) to US 150B (South Danville Bypass)
Boyle11District 1011-CS-1216  -00000.631CS0417WEST WALNUT STREETFrom CS-1160 (South 2nd Street) to CS-1143 (South Maple Avenue)
Boyle11District 1011-CS-1219  -00000.932CS0417EAST MAIN STREETFrom US 150 (Stanford Avenue) to CS-1274 (Hill-N-Dale Drive)
Boyle11District 1011-CS-1272  -00000.269CS0417APACHE TRAILFrom CS-1343 (Nokomis Street) to CS-1274 (Hill-N-Dale Drive)
Boyle11District 1011-CS-1274  -00000.419CS0417NORTH HILL-N-DALE DRIVEFrom CS-1272 (Apache Trail) to CS-1219 (East Main Street)
Boyle11District 1011-CS-1339  -00000.121CS0417GRABRUCK STREETFrom KY 34 (Lexington Road) to CS-1343 (Nokomis Street)
Boyle11District 1011-CS-1343  -00000.302CS0417NOKOMIS STREETFrom CS-1339 (Grabruck Street) to CS-1272 (Apache Trail)
Boyle11District 1011-CS-1391  -0000.3590.603CS0417EAST WALNUT STREETFrom US 150 (Stanford Avenue) to CS-1160 (South 2nd Street)
Boyle11District 1011-CS-1395  -00000.218CS0417NORTH 2ND STREETFrom KY 2324 (West Lexington Street) to US 150 (West Main Street)
Warren114District 1114-CR-1272  -00001.245CR0217MEMPHIS JUNCTION RDFrom City Limits of Bowling Green to City Limits just North of CS-1797 (Maple Lane)
Warren114District 1114-CR-1704X -00000.871CR0217CAVE MILL RDFrom City Limits of Bowling Green near CS-1334 (Smallhouse Road) to City Limits of Bowling Green, East of CR-1704KK (Grider Pond Rd) .042 miles
Warren114District 1114-CS-1004  -00002.121CS0417CHESTNUT STFrom US 31W (US 31-W Byp) to US 31W (US 31-W Byp)
Warren114District 1114-CS-1013  -0000.260.702CS0417E MAIN AVEFROM CS-1004 (CHESTNUT ST) TO CS 1161 (PARK ROW)
Warren114District 1114-CS-1022  -00001.282CS0417COVINGTON STFrom US 231X (Scottsville Road) to CS-1026 (Hampton Drive)
Warren114District 1114-CS-1026  -00000.326CS0417HAMPTON DRFROM KY 234 (FAIRVIEW AVE) TO CS-1022 (COVINGTON ST)
Warren114District 1114-CS-1071  -00000.298CS0417VICTORIA STFROM US 68 (VETERANS MEMORIAL LANE) TO CS-1079 (CHURCH AVENUE)
Warren114District 1114-CS-1072  -00001.006CS0417DOUBLE SPRINGS RDFrom CS-1333 (Beech Bend Road) to CS-1079 (Church Avenue)
Warren114District 1114-CS-1080  -00001.013CS0417OLD MORGANTOWN RDFrom US 231X (Morgantown Road) to US 68 (University Drive)
Warren114District 1114-CS-1099  -00000.741CS0417MAIN AVEFrom CS-1004 (Chestnut St) to CS-1071 (Victoria St)
Warren114District 1114-CS-1266  -00000.268CS0417MEMPHIS JUNCTION RDFrom US 31W (Nashville Rd) to City Limits of Bowling Green
Warren114District 1114-CS-1269  -00000.108CS0417MEMPHIS JUNCTION RDFrom City Limits just North of CS-1797 (Maple Lane) to US 68 (Russellville Road)
Warren114District 1114-CS-1271  -00000.01CS0417MEMPHIS JUNCTION RD X
Warren114District 1114-CS-1333  -00000.428CS0417W RIVERVIEW DRFROM US 68 / US 31W TO BEECH BEND RD/DOUBLE SPRINGS RD
Warren114District 1114-CS-1334  -0000.5182.859CS0417SMALLHOUSE RDFrom CS-1401 (Dishman Lane) to US 231X (Scottsville Road)
Warren114District 1114-CS-1401  -00001.06CS0417DISHMAN LNFROM US 68 (RUSSELLVILLE ROAD) TO US-0031W (NASHVILLE ROAD)
Warren114District 1114-CS-1432  -0001.0351.469CS0417DISHMAN LNFROM CS-6010 TO CR 1235 AND CS 1124
Warren114District 1114-CS-1432  -0001.4691.551CS0417CAVE MILL RDFrom CS-1334 (Smallhouse Rd) to US 231 (Scottsville Rd)
Warren114District 1114-CS-1432  -0001.5512.35CS0417CAVE MILL RDFROM CAVE MILL RD (CR-1704X) TO US 231
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