FY 2017 - 2020 Statewide Transportation Improvement Book


Name Description
Complete STIP Book.pdf Complete STIP Book
Intro and Table of Contents.pdf Preface and Table of Contents
A-1.pdf State Certification Letters
A-2.pdf Public Participation Process for STIP and STP
A-3.pdf Public Participation Documents and Comments
A-4.pdf Air Quality Conformity Determinations for Maintenance Areas
A-5.pdf STIP Projects
A-6.pdf Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Projects
A-7.pdf Transportation Enhancement & Alternative Projects
A-8.pdf Safe Routes To School Projects
A-9.pdf Recreational Trail Projects
Public Transportation Projects
A-11.pdf Aviation Projects 
Appendix B.pdf Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Financial Plans
Appendix C.pdf Glossary of Transportation Terms and Abbreviations
Appendix D.pdf Contact Addresses and Phone Numbers


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 Amendments and Modifications by Project


 Amendments & Modifications


Name​                                                                  Description
STIP Amendment 2016.001.pdfSTIP Amendment 2016.001.pdf      Lexington MPO Area's new TIP FY 2017-2020
STIP Amendment 2016.002.pdfSTIP Amendment 2016.002.pdf      Clarksville MPO Area's new TIP FY 2017-2020
STIP Amendment 2016.003.pdfSTIP Amendment 2016.003.pdf      KY-Ohio-W. Virginia MPO new TIP FY 2018-2021
STIP Amendment 2016.004.pdfSTIP Amendment 2016.004.pdf      Evansville-Henderson MPO Area new TIP FY 2018-2021
STIP Mod 2016.001.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.001.pdf                     Evansville-Henderson MPO Amendment Res. No. 16-7
STIP Admin Mod 2016.002.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.002.pdf                     Cincinnati-N. Kentucky MPO Modification #10
STIP Mod 2016.003.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.003.pdf                     KY-Ohio-W. Virginia MPO Amendment #5  
STIP Mod 2016.004.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.004.pdf                     Adding Various Projects
STIP Mod 2016.005.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.005.pdf                     Bowling Green-Warren Co MPO Amendment #2017.01
STIP Mod 2016.006.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.006.pdf                     Owensboro-Daviess County MPO Amendment
STIP Mod 2016.007.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.007.pdf                     KY-Ohio-W. Virginia MPO Modification #9
STIP Mod 2016.008.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.008.pdf                     Cincinnati-N. Kentucky MPO Modification #11
STIP Mod 2016.009.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.009.pdf                     Adding Various Projects
STIP Mod 2016.010.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.010.pdf                     Transit Project for Statewide Rural Areas
STIP Mod 2016.011.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.011.pdf                     Adding Various Projects
STIP Mod 2016.012.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.012.pdf                     Louisville MPO Area TIP Mod #27
STIP Mod 2016.013.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.013.pdf                     Owensboro-Daviess Co MPO Area TIP Mod #3
STIP Mod 2016.014.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.014.pdf                     Evansville-Henderson MPO Amendment Res. No. 16-8
STIP Mod 2016.015.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.015.pdf                     Adding Various Projects
STIP Mod 2016.016.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.016.pdf                     KY-Ohio-W. Virginia MPO Modification #11
STIP Mod 2016.017.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.017.pdf                     Cincinnati-N. Kentucky MPO Modification #12
STIP Mod 2016.018.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.018.pdf                     Green County 4-158.10 increasing U Phase
STIP Mod 2016.019.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.019.pdf                     Louisville MPO Area TIP Mod #28
STIP Mod 2016.020.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.020.pdf                     Bowling Green-Warren Co MPO TIP Mod #2017.02
STIP Mod 2016.021.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.021.pdf                     Lexington MPO Area TIP Mod #1
STIP Mod 2016.022.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.022.pdf                     Cincinnati-N. Kentucky MPO Amendment #11
STIP Mod 2016.023.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.023.pdf                     Adding Various Projects​
STIP Mod 2016.024.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.024.pdf                     Adding Various Projects
STIP Mod 2016.025.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.025.pdf                     Adding Various Projects
STIP Administrative Mod 2016.026.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.026.pdf                     Cincinnati-N. Kentucky MPO Amendment #12
STIP Mod 2016.027.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.027.pdf                     Cincinnati-N. Kentucky MPO Modification #13
STIP Mod 2016.028.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.028.pdf                     Cincinnati-N. Kentucky MPO Amendment #13
STIP Mod 2016.029.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.029.pdf                     Adding Various Projects
STIP Mod 2016.030.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.030.pdf                     Louisville MPO Area TIP Mod #29
STIP Mod 2016.031.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.031.pdf                     Adding Whitley Co. Item No. 11-13.10
STIP Mod 2016.032.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.032.pdf                     Adding Various Projects
STIP Mod 2016.033.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.033.pdf                     Radcliff-Elizabethtown MPO Area TIP Mod #16
STIP Mod 2016.034.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.034.pdf                     Louisville MPO Area TIP Mod #30
STIP Mod 2016.035.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.035.pdf                     Letcher Co. 12-1113.00 increasing U Phase
STIP Mod 2016.036.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.036.pdf                     Adding Various Projects
STIP Mod 2016.037.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.037.pdf                     Adding Various Projects
STIP Mod 2016.038.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.038.pdf                     KY-Ohio-W. Virginia MPO Area Modification #13
STIP Mod 2016.039.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.039.pdf                     Cincinnati-N. Kentucky MPO Amendment #15
STIP Mod 2016.040.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.040.pdf                     Cincinnati-N. Kentucky MPO Modification #14
STIP Mod 2016.041.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.041.pdf                     Adding Various Projects
STIP Mod 2016.042.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.042.pdf                     Adding Various Projects
STIP Mod 2016.043.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.043.pdf                     Louisville MPO Area TIP Mod #31
STIP Mod 2016.044.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.044.pdf                     Statewide Rural Areas Transit Project
STIP Mod 2016.045.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.045.pdf                     Statewide Rural Areas Transit Project
STIP Mod 2016.046.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.046.pdf                     Statewide Rural Areas Transit Project
STIP Mod 2016.047.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.047.pdf                     Adding Various Projects
STIP Mod 2016.048.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.048.pdf                     Cincinnati-N. Kentucky MPO Modification #15
STIP Mod 2016.049.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.049.pdf                     Adding Various Projects
STIP Mod 2016.050.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.050.pdf                     Webster County SRTS Project
STIP Mod 2016.051.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.051.pdf                     Bowling Green-Warren Co MPO TIP Mod #2017.03
STIP Mod 2016.052.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.052.pdf                     Adding Various Projects
STIP Mod 2016.053.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.053.pdf                     Louisville MPO Area TIP Mod #32
STIP Mod 2016.054.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.054.pdf                     Lexington MPO Area TIP Mod #2
STIP Mod 2016.055.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.055.pdf                     Adding Various Projects
STIP Mod 2016.056.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.056.pdf                     Bowling Green-Warren Co MPO TIP Mod #2017.03(Amended)
STIP Mod 2016.057.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.057.pdf                     Adding Various Projects
STIP Mod 2016.058.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.058.pdf                     KY-Ohio-W. Virginia MPO Area Modification #13
STIP Mod 2016.059.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.059.pdf                     Modifying Owsley County project
STIP Mod 2016.060.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.060.pdf                     Adding Various Projects
STIP Mod 2016.061.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.061.pdf                     Louisville MPO Area TIP Mod #33
STIP Mod 2016.062.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.062.pdf                     Menifee, Powell, and Wolfe Cos. adding FLAP projects
STIP Mod 2016.063.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.063.pdf                     Adding Various Projects
STIP Mod 2016.064.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.064.pdf                     Statewide project-FY 2018 SPR Part B Research Program
STIP Mod 2016.065.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.065.pdf                     Bowling Green-Warren Co MPO TIP Mod #2017.04
STIP Mod 2016.066.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.066.pdf                     Statewide Administration of Recreational Trails Program
STIP Mod 2016.067.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.067.pdf                     Cincinnati-N. Kentucky MPO Modification #16
STIP Mod 2016.068.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.068.pdf                     Adding Various Projects
STIP Mod 2016.069.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.069.pdf                     Louisville MPO Area TIP Mod #34
STIP Mod 2016.070.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.070.pdf                     Louisville MPO Area TIP Mod #35
STIP Mod 2016.071.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.071.pdf                     Adding Boone County Item No. 6-351.45
STIP Mod 2016.072.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.072.pdf                     Owensboro-Daviess County MPO Area TIP Mod #4
STIP Mod 2016.073.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.073.pdf                     Adding Scott Co. 7-3719.00 a CMAQ project
STIP Mod 2016.074.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.074.pdf                     Statewide Project - Address Highway Use Tax Evasion
STIP Mod 2016.075.pdfSTIP Mod 2016.075.pdf                     Adding Various Projects