This page contains forms used in the Professional Services negotiations and contracting processes.

Certification of Final Indirect Costs.docxCertification of Final Indirect Costs
Chronology Memo.pdfChronology Memo
Classifications and Percentages.xlsClassifications and Percentages
Consultant Monthly Report (rev 11-1-13).docxConsultant Monthly Report (rev 11-1-13)
Consultant Projected Expenditures.pdfConsultant Projected Expenditures
DEA Production Hour Worksheet.xlsDEA Production Hour Worksheet
Highway Design Production-Hour Descriptions.docHighway Design Production-Hour Descriptions
Highway Design Production-Hour Worksheet.xlsHighway Design Production-Hour Worksheet
Pre-DesignConferenceMinutes (rev 1-22-14).docxPre-DesignConferenceMinutes (rev 1-22-14)
PSC Invoice Form.dotxPSC Invoice Form
Revised Campaign Finance Law Compliance Form.docRevised Campaign Finance Law Compliance Form
Right of Way Consultant Monthly Report.docxRight of Way Consultant Monthly Report
Right of Way Scoping Meeting Requirements General Guidelines.pdfRight of Way Scoping Meeting Requirements General Guidelines
Structural Design Production-Hour Worksheet.xlsxStructural Design Production-Hour Worksheet
TC 40-1 Prequalification Application.docTC 40-1 Prequalification Application
TC 40-2 Engineering and Related Services Fee Proposal.xlsTC 40-2 Engineering and Related Services Fee Proposal
TC 61-408 Pay Estimate 1-18-13.xlsTC 61-408 Pay Estimate 1-18-13
TC 61-408 Pay Estimate Instructions 1-18-13.pdfTC 61-408 Pay Estimate Instructions 1-18-13