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If you are a Private or Exempt for Hire carrier, the FMCSA has new requirements.  Click here to view these new rules​.

Areas of business

On-Line Services

 On-Line Services – Motor Carrier Information, Vehicle Inventory, Vehicle Add or Delete, Electronic Tax Filing, IRP web registration, USDOT Number application.

Motor Carrier Portal

Motor Carrier Portal​ - Use this site to check the status of your accounts, purchase temporary permits, obtain a KYTC account number and more.
Overweight/Overdimensional Permits Overweight/Overdimensional Permits - On interstate and major highway systems there are no overall length restrictions, however, on these highways the trailer is limited to 53 feet in length by 8 feet 6 inches in width.
Tax Forms (KYU, KIT, IFTA)
Tax Forms (KYU, KIT, IFTA) - The Tax and Financial Processing Branch administers the following taxes for the Division. KYU, KIT and IFTA .


IRP/Apportioned Registration
IRP/Apportioned Registration - Any operator operating or intending to operate one (1) or more APPORTIONABLE VEHICLE(S) into or through two (2) or more of the member jurisdictions must be IRP registered or purchase Trip Permits for each jurisdiction.
Commercial Motor Vehicle Credentials
Commercial Motor Vehicle Credentials Kentucky Weight Distance (KYU), Kentucky Intrastate Tax (KIT), International Fuel Tax (IFTA), Single Trip permits, etc.
Extended Weight Coal Haul Decals
Extended Weight Coal Haul Decals - Any operator hauling coal in excess of 80,000 lbs.  The Coal Haul Highway System is the public highways on which coal was reported transported by truck.​​​​
Passenger vehicles
Passenger vehicles - The Passenger Section handles the processing of vehicles for various different types of intrastate for-hire passenger authorities. These authorities include taxi, limousine, contract carriers, airport shuttles, buses, and disabled person vehicles.
Household Goods Household Goods - No matter where you are moving or whether the move is large or small, you should take the time to carefully plan your relocation. The information on this page will help you begin the process of moving within Kentucky. U-Drive-It/Leased vehicles
 U-Drive-It/Leased vehicles - The U-Drive-It Section handles all tax filings for leased and rented vehicles.  Loaner vehicles are NOT under the U-Drive-It program. Please contact the Department of Revenue at 502-564-4455.
Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement - The mission of the Division of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement is to encourage and promote a safe driving environment through education and safety awareness while enforcing State and Federal laws and regulations, placing special emphasis on commercial vehicles.​
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Notices & Requirements
Federal requirements must be complied with prior to Kentucky's issuance of any and all credentials. In addition to the Federal registration requirements, companies are responsible for understanding and complying with applicable State rules and regulations impacting registration and licensing.
In general, companies are subject to relevant State regulations for each State in which they conduct business operations (includes transporting operations passing through a state) or where they have established a company office. Additional requirements may be required. Contact the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet for additional information.