Passenger Section
​The Passenger Section handles the processing of vehicles for various different types of intrastate for-hire passenger authorities. These authorities include taxi, limousine, contract carriers, airport shuttles, buses, and disabled person vehicles.

If you have not yet applied for authority to operate as a passenger carrier, you may obtain an application from the Division of Motor Carriers at 502-564-1257.

If you have applied and been granted authority to operate passenger vehicles, you are now ready to qualify your vehicles.

All statutory requirements and applicable administrative regulations must be met within the allowed timeframe of 60 days before receiving a Certificate and/or Fee Receipt Card for operation.

Make sure your company has:

Please allow up to 14 business days for the processing of all applications.

Disabled Persons Vehicles (DPV) must meet specifications set forth by 49 CFR part 38 which requires mobility aid accessibility and an integrated mechanical lift or ramp. If you have questions please contact Motor Carriers.