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Section 1:  Motor Carrier Information - Includes Vehicle Inventory for KYU
Questions or problems - e-mail: or call (502) 564-1257.

​Section 2:  Electronic Tax Filing

 For assistance with taxes please email or call (502) 564-1257.
NOT to be used for applying for licenses or permits.  Need a license?  Complete the Kentucky Trucking Application form.

*Show me how to register


*Show me how to register

KYU on-line filing instructions.
  • You are not required to mail the completed tax form.
  • This wizard requires you to print the completed tax return for your records.
  • Payments can be made electronically with credit card or check.
  • If the payment Voucher is selected then you're only required to send in that system generated voucher with your payment
Section 3:  International Registration Plan (IRP)
Section 4:  Overweight/OverDimensional Web Applications for Permits​​
For help please call (502) 564-1257
Section 5:  Service Providers / Permitting Agencies
Please send questions, comments, or report problems to
Section 6:  Federal Government Online Services