OWOD Restriction List
This is a summary of roadway restrictions intended for informational use without warranty of accuracy.  The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet does not guarantee safe passage of vehicles.  In accordance with KRS 189.270 overweight/over dimensional permit holders agree to measure all clearances of highway structures, both laterally and vertically, prior to passage of the persons vehicles along the routes specified.
  • ​There is no holiday travel restriction in KY.
  • Night time travel is allowed accept for mobile homes.
National Truck Network (NN)          info3.bmpOW/OD Summary Document
4/New Circle Rd 7FayetteKy-4/New Circle RoadKy-4/New Circle RoadLocal delivery/pickup only In LexingtonPermanentUse 127 between I64 and Bg Pkwy or see Designated Truck Network Map - http://transportation.ky.gov/Planning/Documents/ntn.pdf
51/60/621BallardIllinois SLKentucky SLLegal Weight Only Both DirectionsPermanentI24
609BoydWest Virginia SLKentucky SL13'7" High / 75' Long / 11'1" Wide / 140,000lbs E&W BoundPermanentI64
Mnt Pkwy7 / 10Clark / Powell / Wolfe / Magoffin@ intersection I64KY11414'8" High Both DirectionsPermanentDesignated Truck Network Map - http://transportation.ky.gov/Planning/Documents/ntn.pdf
Wk Pkwy2Hopkins / Mulenberg / OhioWN Pkwy exit - 77I69 exit - 3814'9" High Both DirectionsPermanentDesignated Truck Network Map - http://transportation.ky.gov/Planning/Documents/ntn.pdf
Wk Pkwy2 / 4Ohio / Grayson / HardinI65 exit137WN Pkwy exit7714'4" High Both DirectionsPermanentDesignated Truck Network Map - http://transportation.ky.gov/Planning/Documents/ntn.pdf
Jc Pkwy1GravesExit22Exit2214'8" High Both DirectionsPermanentJC Pkwy xt22 ramp off/on JC Pkwy
2313WarrenMP-0MP-10 (I-65 exit 22)160,000 lbs Max N & SpermanentNatcher Parkway  I65
Nat Pkwy 3WarrenExit7Exit7Bridge work over US-68..160,000 lbs Max N & SPermanentRamp off/on at Exit7
I71/I756KentonOhio SLKentucky SLLegal Weight only crossing on I71/I75 (Brent Spence Bridge)PermanentI275
25/42/1276KentonMile Point 6.2 in ErlangerMile point 6.2 in ErlangerLow Rail Road Bridge 13-06 Max HeightPermanent
I654HartExit-65Exit-7113-Ft Wide Max north bound only7/1/16from I65, Nat Pkwy Wk Pkwy I65 ect...
JC Pkwy1GravesMile Point 31.4Mile Point 34.312-Ft Wide Max both directions7/1/1645    (15-Ft Max Height on 45 North bnd.)
109GreenupOhio SLKentucky SLClosed to Overweight/Over-Dimensional8s/23 Truck route
I64 @ KY-1809BoydExit-185Exit-185The exit-185  ramp is closed from I64 West bound6/1/16ow/od loads must use exit-172 for truck stop
KY-186BooneExit-181 SB ramp to I75Exit-181 SB ramp to I759-1/2 Ft Wide max on the SB ramp from KY-18 to I758/15/16No Detour
1278CaseyMP-6MP-1410-Ft Wide Max both directions5/27/16No Detour
1278RussellMP-1MP-38-Ft - 06-In Wide Max both directions8/5/16No Detour
HR Pkwy11Clay, Laurel and LeslieMP-0MP-4712-Ft Wide Max both directions6/10/16No Detour
11206CampbellMP 1.3MP 1.79-Ft Wide Max both directions8/15/16I471
BG Pkwy4NelsonMP-0 @ (I-65)Exit-219-Ft Wide both directionsI-265
1276OwenMP 14.0MP 16.0Closed 6/1 - 6/30NO DETOUR
2312FloydMP 6.0MP 10.012-Ft Wide Max both directions7/31/16SB to VA from 23, 80 15 119 to 23..... NB form VA from 23, 119 15 to 80 or Hr Pkwy
622OhioMP- 0MP- 1.012-Ft Wide Max both directions11/15/16Wk Pkwy
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