OWOD Restriction List
This is a summary of roadway restrictions intended for informational use without warranty of accuracy.  The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet does not guarantee safe passage of vehicles.  In accordance with KRS 189.270 overweight/over dimensional permit holders agree to measure all clearances of highway structures, both laterally and vertically, prior to passage of the persons vehicles along the routes specified.

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  • ​There is no holiday travel restriction in KY.
  • Night time travel is allowed accept for mobile homes.
National Truck Network (NN)          info3.bmpOW/OD Summary Document
4/New Circle Rd 7FayetteKy-4/New Circle RoadKy-4/New Circle RoadLocal delivery/pickup only In LexingtonPermanentUse 127 between I64 and Bg Pkwy or see Designated Truck Network Map - http://transportation.ky.gov/Planning/Documents/ntn.pdf
51/60/621BallardIllinois Kentucky Legal Weight Only Both DirectionsPermanentI24
609BoydWest Virginia Kentucky13'7" High / 75' Long / 11'1" Wide / 140,000lbs E&W BoundPermanentI64
Mnt Pkwy7 / 10MP 0MP 75.614'8" High Both DirectionsPermanentDesignated Truck Network Map - http://transportation.ky.gov/Planning/Documents/ntn.pdf
Wk Pkwy2Exit-38Exit-7714'9" High Both DirectionsPermanentDesignated Truck Network Map - http://transportation.ky.gov/Planning/Documents/ntn.pdf
Wk Pkwy2 / 4Exit-77Exit-13714'4" High Both DirectionsPermanentDesignated Truck Network Map - http://transportation.ky.gov/Planning/Documents/ntn.pdf
Jc Pkwy1GravesExit-22Exit-2214'8" High Both DirectionsPermanentJC Pkwy xt22 ramp off/on JC Pkwy
2313WarrenMP 0MP 10.0160,000 lbs Max N & S at Exit-22 over I65permanentNatcher Parkway  I65
Nat Pkwy 3WarrenExit-7Exit-7160,000 lbs Max N & S at Exit-7 over 68PermanentRamp off/on at Exit7
I71/I756KentonOhio Kentucky Legal Weight only crossing on I71/I75 (Brent Spence Bridge)PermanentI275
25/42/1276KentonMP 6.2 MP 6.2 Low Rail Road Bridge 13-06 Max HeightPermanent
JC Pkwy1GravesMP 31.4MP 48.012-Ft Wide Max both directions7/1/1845    (15-Ft Max Height on 45 North bnd.)
109GreenupOhio KentuckyClosed to Overweight/Over-Dimensional8s/23 Truck route
622OhioMP 0MP 1.012-Ft Wide Max both directions11/15/16Wk Pkwy
99MasonMP 12.6MP 17.58-6 Wide Max both directions11/01/16No Detour
3716KentonMP 4.817MP 6.9477-Ft Wide Max11/15/16No Detour
 I645JeffersonExit-1Exit-1East bound ramp to I264 is Closed10/01/16I64 East to I65 South
I2756KentonExit-84Exit-849-Ft Wide Max on the exit ramp from I275 East bnd to I75 North bnd11/1/16No Detour
I654HartMP 70.294MP 70.29413-Ft Wide Max Southbound Only - begins 7/8/1612/31/16From I64,  I75 25 461 80 914 Cumb Pkwy to I65
8426MP .09MP .26710-Ft Wide Max both directions11/15/16No Detour
412HendersonIndianaKentuckySouth Bound 82,000 Lbs. Max - North Bound 90,000 Lbs. Max (5+Axles)Permanent231
I655JeffersonIndianaKentucky160,000 Lbs. Max both directions
JC Pkwy1GravesMP 21.25MP 21.6313-Ft Wide Max South bound7/22/17I24
I645JeffersonMP 1.0 @ I264MP 12.0 @ I264160,000 Lbs. Max both directionsPermanent231 or I275
21242HancockMP 2.593MP 2.633Road Closed 10/15/16No Detour
8415JeffersonMP 35.0MP 37.011-Ft Wide Max both directions10/15/16I264 42
1278CaseyMP 0MP 6.211-Ft Wide Max both directions9/30/16No Detour
I716CarrollExit-44Exit-559-Ft Wide Max South bound only11/15/16I75 South to I64
4312McLeanMP 4.6MP 4.79-Ft Wide Max both directions10/19/16No Detour
I716BooneExit-77Exit-779-Ft Wide Max North bound @ I71/I75 Interchange11/15/16I64 to I75 North
Natcher Pkwy3ButlerExit-43 (wk)Exit-2911-Ft Wide Max both directions10/19/16Wk Pkwy West to I24 or Wk Pkwy East to I65
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