INTERstate For-hire Authorities
​If you will be an interstate (crossing-state lines) carrier hauling non-exempt goods, you will be required to obtain a MC #: This is for the majority of interstate carriers. If you are unsure if you need this please contact the FMCSA at (800) 832-5660.

Please complete the 3 step process with the FMCSA to get your MC# fully active:
  1. You must complete an application and pay the $300 processing fee per type of authority. You may contact the FMCSA for the application at (800) 832-5660. OR you may start the application process online at the website under Registration and Licensing.
  2. Your insurance company must file the appropriate insurance filing with the FMCSA. You may contact the FMCSA at (800) 832-5660.
  3. You must file a process agent listing (BOC-3 form) with the FMCSA. There are certain companies that you can do this through. For a complete listing, go to and type in “What is a process agent” in the search box. Select the very first search result to bring up a list of companies that will file the BOC-3 for you.

Once all the information has been received by the FMCSA, it will take 5-7 business days processing time for your authority to be processed. Please allow your company start-up enough time for this process to be completed. You will receive a certificate of authority in the mail once the process is fully completed.