International Registration Plan


We will be closed for Christmas on Thursday, December 25th and Friday, December 26th.
We will be closed for New Years on Thursday, January 1st and Friday, January 2nd.
Do I need IRP?
1. Is your power unit over 26,000 lbs. OR 3-axles or more regardless of weight?
2. Are you travelling to more than one state (travelling INTERstate) with this load?
3. Is your business (or base of operations) physically located in Kentucky?
If you answered, “Yes” to those three questions, you WILL need to register for an IRP account with Kentucky. 
If you answered, “Yes” to Questions 1 and 2, but not 3, then you will need to contact your base state.   
New guidelines for IRP renewals
Upcoming simplification for IRP renewals
For registration periods beginning January 1, 2015 or later, the new Full Reciprocity Plan guidelines apply.
Claim only actual miles on your Schedule B form.  Do not use estimated miles.
Pay only for jurisdictions with actual miles.
Receive all jurisdictions on cab card.  No longer necessary to add jurisdictions throughout the year.
For registration periods expiring October 31, 2014, or earlier, the previous guidelines apply until next renewal.
Claim actual miles and estimated miles on your schedule B form.
Pay for jurisdictions with actual and estimated miles.
Receive only the jurisdictions you paid for on your cab card.  Must add jurisdictions throughout the year.
Phone:  502-564-1257
Fax:       502-564-2950
*** Trip Permits are available and recommended for individuals travelling to, or through, Kentucky with an IRP-sized load but do not envision such a trip occuring more than a few times throughout the calendar year.