International Registration Plan FAQs
Q: Who needs an apportioned license plate?
A: Any vehicle with a gross vehicle or registered gross weight exceeding 26,000 lbs. or having 3 or more axels regardless of weight operating outside the state of Kentucky needs an apportioned license plate. In addition, any vehicle doing intrastate hauling outside the state of Kentucky, regardless of registered gross weight, must have an apportioned license plate. In the case of apportioned license plates, intrastate hauling is defined as picking up a load in a state other than Kentucky, then dropping that same load in another location within that state. (Example: pick up a load in Toledo, Ohio and drop that same load in Columbus, Ohio.) In the case of intrastate haulers, commercial vehicles of any weight, with the exception of passenger vehicles, must have apportioned license plates.
Q: Can I do IRP transactions on the web?
A: Yes you can process your IRP renewal at, add vehicles to your account, change weights, request replacement credentials, print temporary cab cards, and pay your IRP bill(s).  
Q: What weight apportioned plates are available?
A: Apportioned license plates are available in the following weights: 10000, 14000, 18000, 22000, 26000, 32000, 38000, 44000, 55000, 62000, 73280, and 80000. This weight is the combined weight of the truck, trailer and load. This is also known as the taxable weight or registered weight.
Q: What is a 2290? Do I have to have one?
A: The Form 2290 is the Schedule of Heavy Highway Vehicles. It is a tax that is collected by the Internal Revenue Service. You must have a stamped 2290 (showing that the tax has been paid) for each vehicle that is 55,000 lbs. or greater that you have owned for 60 days or more. Please be aware that the form 2290 must be in your own name. A copy of the 2290 must be provided to us at the time of your renewal or when you add an applicable truck to your account.
Q: It’s time to renew my apportioned license plates. What do I need to do?
A: Our office will mail out a renewal reminder to you approximately 6 weeks before your expiration date. That remider contains the web address IRP.KY.GOV to renew your IRP and instructions that you should follow carefully because they often change from year to year. If you cannot access the webisite, you can either come in to our office (The One Stop Shop), mail us your information, or if you run short on time, you can fax us your information. Our fax number is (502) 564-2950.
Q: What is a cab card?
A: Your cab card is the official document issued by the state that shows what jurisdictions (states) you are allowed to travel in. The cab card includes specific vehicle information, and cannot be transferred from vehicle to vehicle. The original cab card must be kept in your truck. A photocopy is not acceptable.
Q: I’ve lost my plate/cab card/decal. What should I do?
A: You can request a replacement online at IRP.KY.GOV or you must fill out a Lost or Stolen Affidavit and fax or send that to us. Please fill out the top of this form, have it notarized, and fax it to (502) 564-2950. Please make a note of your IRP Account Number and your fax number on your cover page. We will fax you a bill and a temporary permit. Carry this permit in your vehicle to make you legal to run. When we receive your payment we will issue you a new plate/cab card/decal and mail it to you. Follow this link to download a Lost or Stolen Affidavit.
Q: I sold my truck. Can I get a refund?
A: Yes, you can. You must mail us the plate and original cab card along with a signed refund request form. Also include a note telling us the reason why you are requesting a refund (out of business, truck sold, truck disabled, etc.). You will receive a prorated refund for the Kentucky portion of the fees that were paid. The fees that were paid to other jurisdictions are not refundable. Our mailing address is:
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
IRP Branch, Apportioned Registration Section
PO Box 2323
Frankfort, KY 40602-2323
Q: I sold my truck and bought another one. Can I transfer the license plates from one to the other?
A: Yes, you can. You will need to fill out a Kentucky IRP Apportioned Registration Supplemental Application (Schedule C), and fax that to us along with the apportioned certificate (from your local county clerk), proof of your liability insurance, and a 2290 if your vehicle’s combined gross weight is 55,000 lbs. or greater and you have owned it for more than 60 days. If the vehicle is leased on to a motor carrier, a copy of the lease agreement must be submitted. You can fax all of this information to (502) 564-2950. We will process your application and fax you a bill and a temporary permit. You must mail in the original cab card from the deleted vehicle with your payment. If your original cab card has been lost or stolen, follow this link to download a Lost or Stolen Affidavit and include the notarized affidavit with your payment. When we receive your payment and your plate we will issue you a new plate and cab card. Follow this link to download a Schedule C.
Q: I sold my truck to my neighbor. Can I transfer the plate to him?
A: No. Apportioned license plates are not transferable from one account to another. Your neighbor will have to obtain his own apportioned license plate.
Q: I just bought a new vehicle. Do I have to pay usage tax on it?
A: Usage tax is paid on any vehicle with a combined gross weight 44,000 lbs. and under. This tax is paid at your local county clerk when you register the vehicle for the first time.
Q: How much does an apportioned license plate cost?
A: Cost varies according to weight of vehicle, vehicle type, vehicle year, type of operation and previous year mileage. 80,000 lb. plates may cost approximately $1,250.00 to $2,500.00.
Q: How can I pay for my apportioned license plate?
A: Visit to pay IRP bills online via electronic check for a flat $3.00 fee or a credit card with a 4% processing fee. Or mail payment to the IRP section 200 Mero Street, Frankfort KY 40602.
Q: The IRP office faxed me a temporary permit, but I'm afraid to drive my truck without a plate on it. Is this really legal?
A: Yes. It's perfectly legal to haul loads with a temporary permit. If you have a temporary in your truck, then you may drive in any state without a plate. Temporaries are faxable - you do not need to have the original in your truck.