Commercial Motor Vehicle Credentials Temporary Permits FAQ

 Questions and Answers

Q: How do I get a temporary Kentucky permit?
A:  You may purchase a temporary KYU, KIT (fuel), IFTA (fuel), or IRP (non-reciprocal trip) permit online.
Q: What information is needed to order a temporary permit?
A: For KYU, IFTA or IRP (non-reciprocal trip) permits you will need:
Your DOT number.
The fax number or Kentucky scale you want the permit sent to. *NOTE* You may only send the permit to a scale if you are detained there.
The company name
The company physical address
Whether or not the truck has IFTA fuel tax decals
Whether or not the truck is apportioned on the registration for KY
A copy of the vehicle registration or the following vehicle information:
a) The state the vehicle was licensed in
b) The full license plate number
c) The year of manufacture of the vehicle
d) The name of the vehicle manufacturer
e) The full VIN of the vehicle
f) The registered gross weight of the vehicle as listed for KY
g) The company unit number for the vehicle
A company contact telephone number
A company representative contact name
A credit card to bill
Q: How much does a temporary permit cost?
A: It depends on what you need. The state fees for each individual permit are:
Temporary KYU - $40
Temporary IFTA - $40
Temporary IRP less than 55,001 lbs. registered gross weight - $25
Temporary IRP 55,001 lbs. registered gross weight or greater - $40
There is a 4% credit card processing fee through a credit card processing company. This credit card processing fee will not be listed on the permit itself, but will be shown on your credit card statement.
Q: How can I pay for a temporary permit?
A: At this time, you must pay by credit card or debit card with a credit card logo on it. We do accept all major credit cards including: Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express.
Q: Can I get a temporary permit at the scale?
A: You must have the temporary permit processed before you come into the state. If you arrive at the scale without the permit already processed, technically you could be cited for not having it before you crossed into the state. We do require that all scale permits are ordered directly by the motor carrier to insure accuracy of information.
Q: Can I get a 10-day temporary KY apportionment for my out-of-state license plate?
A: Yes. You may get a 10-day apportionment (non-reciprocal trip) permit if you are an out-of-state carrier. The license plate must be current and active in the state it was issued. If we need further information about the license plate than what you can provide, you may be required to fax in a copy of the registration to us. We cannot issue temporary IRP permits for "Applied for" license plates. Nor can we issue IRP permits to dealer plated vehicles. We can, however, issue temporary permits to vehicles with a temporary IRP plate. In this case, you must give us the number off of the temporary IRP cab card in order to get the Kentucky temporary permit.
Q: I have a permanent KYU number, but my truck is not listed on the KYU inventory (taxable database). What can I do?
A: If you need the truck added immediately, you must do a permit to add it on to the inventory. This permit has a state fee of $10, plus the credit card processing fee of $6. The truck would be added permanently, so there would be no need to add it again. If your driver is being detained at a Kentucky scale, please make our clerk aware of which scale in order for the permit to be sent there and your driver released. If you do not need the truck added immediately, you may add it overnight online for free at
Q: I have a dealer plated vehicle. Can I get temporary permits?
A: The only temporary permit we can issue for a dealer plated vehicle is temporary IFTA.
Q: I have a self-propelled (S/P) equipment unit. Do I need temporary permits?
A: It depends. If you had the unit license plated with in your base state, you may get temporary permits. However, if the unit is an "unlicensed self-propelled unit" in your base state, you only need to get the Overweight / Overdimensional permit by calling (502) 564-1257. All unlicensed self-propelled units are required to carry the statement from the base state that the particular unit is allowed to be unlicensed.
Q: My KYU number is revoked (or suspended). Can I get temporary permits?
A: First, verify your status by checking your Motor Carrier Portal account. If your account is delinquent the system will prompt you to contact the tax branch at (502) 564-1257. Once contacted the Tax Branch may decide to waive the hold and note the account, if so you may be able to process a temporary permit.
Q: I am trying to get a permit through a service provider / permitting agency. They said that I have to contact the Division of Motor Carriers first. What's going on?
A: We will need have to look at your account to determine the issue. Please contact our  offfice at (502) 564-1257.
Q: I am a service provider (permitting agency). Can I pay with a temporary permit with my credit card?
A:  It depends. Yes, if you are requesting a temporary permit for a legal load transport: please apply online at this link.
HOWEVER, if you are requesting a temporary permit for a non-legal load then you must create a billings account. Please contact the Overweight / Overdimensional section at (502) 564-1257 and ask for an application to set up an account. If your client is paying by card, or you chose not to setup an account, please have the client contact us.