Commercial Motor Vehicle Credentials - Common Mistakes

 Mistakes and Solutions

Mistake: You send in money when you don’t have to.
Solution: Please read the application carefully. Not all of it will apply to you. You will only need to send money if you are applying for some type of for-hire authority through Kentucky. All other credentials do not have an application fee.
Mistake: You send in the application before your ICC MC number is fully active with the FMCSA.
Solution: Please make sure that you have received your certificate of authority from the FMCSA before you send in the application. If you have always been an intrastate or private motor carrier you don’t have to worry about this.
Mistake: Your name or address on your DOT record do not match the name or address that you have put on your application.
Solution: Please check your current US DOT record to make sure that all information matches by checking the carrier snapshot for your company at the FMCSA SAFER web site Here you may also update your information if it is currently incorrect. Alternatively, you may call the FMCSA at 800-832-5660.
Mistake: You do not have an original signature in Section 12 of the application.
Solution: Please put a signature, representative title, and date in Section 12 then mail the completed application. Unfortunately, all applications without an original signature must be rejected. Copied signatures, stamped signatures, faxed signatures, and POA signatures without a copy of the power of attorney attached will result in the application being rejected as well.
Mistake: You do not fully complete the application.
Solution: Please read all sections and the instructions carefully. The required sections are marked “Required”. If you are still confused as to what needs to be completed, please call our office at (502) 564-1257 before you submit the application.
Mistake: You are applying for a KYU number and you do not include and/or complete the Vehicle Additions or Deletions form (TC 95-38).
Solution: Please make sure that you do have this form completed before submitting the application. If your application did not arrive with a TC 95-38, please feel free to print out the form from our Forms and Applications page.
Mistake: One or more of your credentials is inactive. This will result in your application being rejected.
Solution: For in-state carriers, please call our office at (502) 564-1257 if you have previously had credentials with the KY Division of Motor Carriers before you submit a new application. For out-of-state carriers, please make sure that your US DOT number, and for-hire authority (if applicable) are both active.
Mistake: You are an out-of-state carrier and incorrectly fill out Section 6.
Solution: Out-of-state carriers only need to read Section 6 on the application and see if it applies to your situation. You will only need EITHER Single State Registration OR ICC Exempt for-hire authority; you will not need both. If you have Single State Registration, you will only need to fill out Section 6 if you wish to apply for KY intrastate for-hire authority in addition to the Single State authority. That means that you want to apply to extend your for-hire authority to include picking up and dropping off the same load within KY state lines. If you do not need this and already have Single State Registration, please skip Section 6 altogether.
Mistake: You send incorrect fees for the for-hire authority.
Solution: Please double check all addition before submitting the application. If you have Single State Registration, and would like to apply for KY Intrastate for-hire authority, a copy of the current year’s RS-3 form (Single State Registration Receipt) will substitute for the per-vehicle fees listed. Therefore, unless you have more trucks running KY Intrastate than Interstate, only submit the RS-3 form and the $25 application fee with the application. Both ICC Exempt and Intrastate for-hire authorities can be paid for with a company check.
Mistake: You are applying for either ICC Exempt or Intrastate for-hire authority and send a proof of insurance card instead of a Form E.
Solution: The proof of insurance card is not the same as a Form E insurance filing. The original Form E must come directly from the insurance carrier to our office. Faxed copies or even mailed photo copies will not be processed. Just notify your insurance carrier to send us one. In the unlikely event that your insurance carrier does not know what a Form E is, please have them call our office at (502) 564-1257.
Mistake: You do not allow 5-10 business days for processing of the application.
Solution: PLEASE allow 5-10 business days for processing of any incoming application. Sending your application Fed Ex, UPS, or overnight mail will only save you on the mailing time; NOT the processing time. Additional time may be required to process for-hire authorities if the Form E is not already in our office.