Operations and Pavement Management

Operations and Pavement Management Branch is responsible for the following areas:

  • Perform detailed visual condition evaluations, roughness and rut-depth measurments of pavements for the Interstates, Parkways and Annual Resurfacing Program.
  • Roughness Test 24,700 miles of other state mainteined roads.
  • Perform ride ability tests on various projects to check for conformity to requirements.
  • Maintenance Rating Program (MRP).
  • Issue reports on the findings of these tests.

Chad Shive: Districts 2,3,6
Tracy Nowaczyk: Districts 1,5 & 9
Greg Garner: Districts 8,10 & 11
Aaron Collins: Districts 4,7,12

Jason Watson: Rideability Tests

Rideability Form: Please submit requests at least two weeks in advance of date to be collected