Kentucky Lifesavers Conference
Who Should Attend The Lifesavers Conference?
The conference draws attendees from the private as well as the public sector, including representatives from the following:
    Community traffic safety programs
    Injury prevention programs
    Prosecutors and judges involved in traffic safety issues
    State and local law enforcement
    Federal and state highway safety agencies
    State and local emergency medical services, and public health
    Child passenger safety professionals
    Lifesavers participants will have the opportunity to network with their highway safety peers in a setting where they can share program success stories, learn from others, and develop valuable alliances.
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    Kentucky Lifesavers Conference
    June 4-6, 2014
    Galt House
    140 N. 4th Street, Louisville
    Contact Information Contact Info
    University of Kentucky
    Kentucky Transportation Center
    176 Raymond Building
    Lexington, KY 40506-0281
    TOLL FREE (800) 432-0719
    Phone: (859) 257-4022
    FAX (859) 257-1061