Legal Services
The Office of Legal Services provides legal services for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet including advice and litigation services related to:
Billboards - Regulatory disputes with owners of billboards.
Board of Claims - Negligence claims against KYTC for personal injury or damage to property.
Collection - Collecting money owed to KYTC.
Condemnation - Acquisition of real property for highway construction.
Contracts - Claims, liens, and civil rights violation allegations related to highway construction contracts.
Damaged Highway Facilities - Recovery for collision damage to highway facilities (guardrails, light poles, etc.).
Driver Licensing - Appeals of driver license suspension or revocation.
Ethics - KYTC liaison to the Executive Branch Ethics Commission and approval of outside employment.
Junkyards - Regulatory disputes with operators of junkyards.
Kentucky Administrative Regulations (KAR) - Review and interpretation of transportation related regulations.
Open Records - Requests for review of open public KYTC records.
Personnel - Personnel disputes with KYTC employees.
Workers Compensation - Claims for workers compensation benefits by KYTC employees.
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