NEW   Ferryboats in Kentucky
(Includes Locations, Photos, River Crossing, Counties, Roads Connected, Fees, Schedules, and Contact numbers)​

Cave in Rock Ferry
Cave in Rock Ferry
Connects KY to IL
Crittenden County, KY to Hardin County, IL
Connects KY 91 to IL 1
Across Ohio River

Ferry Operations Contact
Perry Newcom, Crittenden Co. Judge Executive
Ohio River Ferry Authority
107 South Main Street
Marion, KY 42064
Phone: (502) 965-5251
Fax: (502) 965-5252

Monthly ferry traffic count forms and guidance for state funded ferries:


To find tourist information on the ferryboat operations throughout the state and to find other sites and attractions to visit near the ferryboat operations, visit the Kentucky Department of Travel webpage to view the Visitor’s Guide Online or use the Interest Finder tool.

Contact Info

Division of Planning
200 Mero Street
Frankfort, KY 40622
Fax: (502)564-2865
Email: Lynn Soporowski or
other points of contact.

Multimodal Freight Transportation Contact

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